Sunday 14 April 2013

Shimmer Polish Swatches Part 2- Carol, Nichole, Julie and Lucie

Hello Girls,  

Today i am here with few more Shimmer Polish. I swatched Shimmer Marilyn, Candace and Liana here.
One thing i  like most about Shimmer Polish is beside they are loaded with glitters but formula is still nice and not hard to work with. I have Carol, Nichole, Julie and Lucie. 

Lucie is a mix of silver and red glitters with few silver holo glitters in a clear base. I like the combination and the large amount of silver glitters as comapred to red. Formula is nice and easy to work with. Lucie can be wear  on its own with 3 coats for full coverage. I used 2 coats of Lucie on Barry M Lychee and Essie Mesmerize(accent nail) and single coat of seche for following pics.

Shimmer Polish Lucie

Nichole is a clear base polish having different sizes of blue, red and silver hex glitters. This polish reminded me of my childhood, i was a big fan of blue and red combination back than so i like it. Here are 3 coats of Nichole and a coat of seche.

Shimmer Polish Nichole

Julie is a mix of glitters of different size, different shape and different colors suspended in a clear base. Its different :).. Although there are lots of colors but purple glitters are in little more quantity than others. I used 2 coats of Julie over Barry M Strawberry Icecream and a coat of seche over.

Shimmer Polish Julie
 Lastly my favorite among these four, Carol. It is a mix of gold , blue and black glitters with lots of iridescent. I love this polish. I can never thought of this kinda combination . Simply beautiful on its own. Here are 3 coats of Carol on Lychee and no base color for accent with top coat.

Overall i am happy with all of them. They have great formula and nice application. I am amazed that she is master in mixing these glitter, so many different combination and a perfect name for her polishes "Shimmer". I am gonna attend a wedding very soon and I cant imagine an Indian Wedding without bling.

You can buy Shimmer Polish from Cindy's Etsy Shop and can also contact her on Facebook. She also make custom made polishes so if you want anything specific or personalized then contact her. 
So do you like attending weddings too ??