Friday 29 April 2016

NOTD: Infinity Nails Image Plate 141


Today's manicure is featuring one of my favorite brand for stamping plates, Dashica Beauty. Dashica has quite a variety of stamping plate and very unique images. Earlier Dashica has three types of stamping plates, Dashica Big SdP, Dashica XL SdP and Dash image plates. In 2014 Dashica released a fourth line "Infinity Nails". These image plates are rectangular in shape and has a white backing. First lets take a look of the manicure i did:
pastel gradient flowers

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Lace Manicure- Born Pretty Store BP-L020 Stamping Plate


I love lace manicures, they look pretty and delicate. I have couple of lace image stamping plates but i cant get enough of them. So, I never miss a chance to get one. Today's manicure featuring yet another stamping plate from born pretty store. This is BP-L020, from their rectangular stamping plate collection. Let's see the manicure:
born pretty store bp-l020 lace stamping plate

Monday 25 April 2016

Damask Print Nails: Born Pretty Store BP-L016 Stamping Plate


Today's manicure featuring a beautiful damask print image from Born Pretty Store rectangular stamping plate. Let's look at the nailart first: 
damask print nail art

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Review: Lady


 I am here with another review post. Last year Lady Queen contacted to me for a collaboration. Lady Queen is an online store, which sell quite a variety of items from nailart to beauty, accessories and even home&garden stuff. They asked me to choose few beauty products, of-course i went with nail-art related products. I chose two hehe plates and one nail decoration wheel and i will be showing them all in coming days. 

Today, i have a nailart i did with HeHe 040 stamping plate. This is a classic round stamping plate with buffet style images. The images in this are basically watermarble and some random faces. Have a look:
lady hehe 040 stamping plate

Monday 18 April 2016

Review: Jord Wood Watch


I know I am writing after a long time but I am all settled down and back to blogging now. Today's post is quite unusual post for the blog because i have never did an accessory review post ever but I thought this will be a great post to restart my blogging. 

I have been contacted by Jord Watches about to do a review for their watch. I was a watch person in my college days but after that i kinda stopped wearing watches so when I first got the mail about reviewing a watch, i was in little dilemma that should i do that or not. I checked the website and oh- my- god, I instantly fall in love with these watches. They look so unique and chic. So, I made up my mind that i have to review them and know more about them and said yes.

I chose Sully Red Sandalwood watch. Let's take a look :