Wednesday 31 July 2013

New Image Plates from Konad and a cute NOTD


Konad is the brand who introduced me to the amazing world of nail stamping. I am sure many girls who will say the same. I started stamping with konad.. two plates, stamper, scraper and a black special polish.. and it made me fall in love with nail stamping. I am stamping since more than two years now and i am still using my first stamper and scraper from the brand(occasionally i use squishy stamper). Whenever a newbie ask me about what products to get for stamping, I always recommend Konad as i know these are best to get start with.

Anyway coming to the post, Konad recently released seven new image plates m91 to m97. Here are the picture of image plates for you:


 As you can see most of them have full nail images. I got a chance to swatch m92, click on "read more" to see manicure.
Konad m92

Monday 29 July 2013

NOTD: Peacock Feather Nails !!! Moyou London Pro collection 03


Monday blues!!! Here is something bright and blingy to cheer you up. I did this nail art for AiS weekly challenge. Theme for the week was "over a saran wrap technique base". 

As you know from the last post that i recently got Moyou London image plates and i am so thrilled with the image quality. So no doubt i was gonna use them for the challenge mani. Here is my nail art:

peacock feather nail art
products i used:

saran wrap base- Orly sweet peacock(metallic blue) and Kleancolor metallic green
stamping polish: konad black
stamping plate: Moyou pro collection 03
topped with seche vite

I used both metallic shade to give gorgeous shimmer to the base as i wanted to stamp peacock feather but that make the saran wrap  effect pretty subtle bit i think you can still see shades of both blue and green.

peacock feather stamping nail art
Moyou Pro Collection 03 stamped so beautifully.. are the details of image transferred on the nail perfectly. I then added some purple and navy blue rhinestones from Moyou London to add some bling and complete the look.
Moyou London Pro Collection 03 new nail stamping plate
metallic saran wrap with kleancolor metallic green and orly sweet peacock
peacock feather manicure
You can buy this image plate and rhinestones directly from Moyou London. For are the updates and announcements about their image plates and other stuff check their FB page

I will keep updating news about them on Crazy Polishes FB page.. also msg me on facebook or comment here if you have any questions regarding them.

I hope you like this manicure. 


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**products send to me for review.

Friday 26 July 2013

New Stamping Image Plates from Moyou London- Swatches and Review


I  am late in posting today's post. I was determine to do this post today but parcel from Moyou London arrived in the morning. Anyway here it is: 

Moyou London recently launched their New Collection of stamping image plates. These new plates are divided into 8 collections:

- Time Traveller Collection (6 plates)
- Frenchy Collection (10 plates)
- Rebel Collection (3 plates)
- Pro Collection (10 plates)
- Princess Collection (5 plates)
- Sailor Collection (4 plates)
- Suki Collection (4 plates)
- Kitty Collection (11 plates)
Moyou London New Image Plate Collections
 These plates are rectangle and size of each plate is 11.9x6.3 cms. Each plate has different number of images and they have both full nail and individual images.
Moyou rectangular image plate
One very diffrenent plate which i am most excited about is Suki 01

Isn't it very unique and lovely plate. I already placed an order for this along with few more plates, hope to get it  soon.

At first look,  image plate quality is very good. These plate have a solid white base same like cheeky jumbo plates and coverd with a blue plastic film same like any other plate.
Moyou new image plates review
 Image size for full nail is 1.15x1.5 cm which i found smaller than i am used to. I wish they are little bigger in size. This size fits perfect on my pinki but little smaller for rest of nails of my current nail length. 

 Here's a little comparison of images from different plates:
moyou new collection image size comparison
 as you can see in the above picture that Moyou's image height is exactly same to the Gals and to the Konad one's. Its better than BM original plate but lesser than BM Set 3. Also width vise its smaller, fits just ok on all my nails except for thumb.
So, if you have nails smaller than mine my nails than these images will fit you perfectly otherwise you have to either cut your nails down or double stamp on the tips.

Image quality of these plates are awesome. They worked well on little details which i really appreciate. Stamps very well with both konad and squishy stamper.  In following picture,  i stamped all the images with squishy stamper except "I love coffee" which i stamped with konad.
moyou new collection stamping quality
Ok, i did little stamping mistakes in flowers but believe me they stamp really well. 

I did a quick mani using Pro collection -03 plate. Its not something i am proud of i was in hurry to write this review and swatching images.

moyou pro collection 03
spider web nail art

so now you can see the mess on tips (except pinki) because of double stamping but i know i can do better. 

These plates costs £4.99 and they do ship worldwide(as i can see on their checkout page). 
I was told by their pr that they gonna receive stock of these plates very soon along with their collection of stamping polishes, stamper and scraper. 

Overall, I loved Moyou plate . Their collection is very fresh with lots of new images. Also image quality is very nice and stamp very well with both stampers.

You can see and buy whole collection along-with their other nail products on Moyou Website.

**UPDATES: 1. They do ship worldwide and shipping is free within UK whole summers. I am told that they going to release more collections every week.. this week they are releasing Tourist Collection.. so keep an eye :)
2. Moyou XL plates image size is 1.5 x2.0 cm.

I hope you find this post helpful. 

Feel free to ask any question regarding. 


**product sent to me for review.

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Darling Diva Prince Collection- Little Red Corvette and 1999

Hi Lovelies,

Today I have two Darling Diva Polishes from Carrie's latest Prince Collection. This collection has total eight polishes and most of them are purple of-course. Carrie sent me Little Red Corvette and 1999 to review. 

Darling Diva Polish Little Red Corvette and 1999
This is picture heavy post so please click on "read more" to see detailed swatches and review..

Monday 22 July 2013

Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling


I am so glad that i am a part of our nail community and grateful to my polish addiction which led me to you all. All nail community once again get together last friday to honor Talia with more than 1600 hashtags and 200 in-linkz of mint manis.She will always be remembered. 

Today, i have a beautiful flakie polish from Essence. Gorgeous Bling Bling  is a dark orange/pumpkin-ish shade with little gold flake in it. This polish is two coater.
Essence 116 Gorgeous Bling Bling
Essence 116 Gorgeous Bling Bling
Essence 116 Gorgeous Bling Bling

I bought this polish because the flakes were looking beautiful in the bottle somewhere in my heart i was doubtful whether they will transfer on my nails or not but i was wrong.. it looks exactly same on the nails. I love Essence color & go brushes.. they are dense enough and have tapered end.. i like them. 

I then stamped my nails with Cheeky's jumbo 2013 Happy Nails plate using Barry M Gold Foil.
Cheeky 2013 Jumbo  plate 1 Happy Nails
Essence 116 Gorgeous Bling Bling
stamping with Barry M Gold Foil
in sunlight

I hope you like this manicure. Do you like Essence bling bling??

you can buy Essence polishes from Sally Magpies in  UK.


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Friday 19 July 2013

Cute Owl Nails - A Mint Manicure for Talia Joy


It was a very sad week for beauty community. Many of you may know about this by now but for those who doesn't know we lost  Talia Joy Castellano, a 13 year old youtube beauty guru who was fighting cancer from last 6 years. She paased away in the morning of 16th July. She was super talented makeup and nail artist. It really saddens me that she was too young to die but she is free from all the pain and must be happy wherever she is now. RIP will be always remembered.

Nicole from NailPolish Wars suggested to do a collaborative mint mani today in remembrance of Talia as Talia's last instagram pic was a mint creme manicurea. So here it is.

I used 2 coats of Essence 146 That's what i mint! on my nails. It is a beautiful mint color polish and is a 2 coat-er. Love this polish and love essence brush. 
Essence That's what i mint!
Mint Manicue for Talia Joy
I then stamped it with owl images from Cheeky 2013 jumbo plate 4 -Top of the class using konad black stamping polish. 
Cute Owl Nail art
Cheeky 2013 jumbo plate 4-  Top of the Class
 I hope you like this manicure. My prayers and wishes are with her family. I cant even imagine how hard it would be for them. 


Wednesday 17 July 2013

Born Pretty Store Candy Color Glitter Sparkle Yogurt Polish Shade #09, #14 and #03: Swatch


I am here with another Born Pretty Store product review. I really like this store, i like their range of nail related products, of-course their reasonable prices and free shipping.

Today i have few polishes from their Candy Color Glitter Sparkle Yogurt polish collection. This collection has ten polishes and i have shade 3, 14 and 9 from this collection. All polishes in this collection has glitter suspended in tinted crelly base. 
Born Pretty Store Glitter Sparkle Yogurt polish shade #9, #14 and #3
This post is **picture heavy** so please click on read more to see detailed swatches.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

NOTD: Sugar Skull Manicure


Hope you all had a great weekend and also Monday treated you well. I couldn't post anything yesterday as i had a very busy Sunday and though the photos for the post were ready, i was too tired to write the post. 

I recently bought set of Cheeky 2013 jumbo plates but i haven't got enough time to play with each of them so  i decided to do at-least one manicure with them per week. When i asked on FB page that if someone like to see any specific image from these plates than Veronica asked me to swatch cute skulls from  plate 1 Viva Mexico. 

So here is Sugar Skull Manicure for you.
sugar skull nail  art
products used
nail polishes(thumb to pinkie): 2 coats each of barry m strawberry ice creme, sinful colors verbena, nyc lexington yellow,sinful colors island coral and pistache
stamping polish:  konad special polish black
stamping plate: cheeky 2013 jumbo plate 1 Viva Mexico 
top coat: seche vite

cheeky 2013 jumbo plate 1 viva mexico
sugar skull manicure
sugar skull manicure in natural light
As you can see black color of stamp bleed out after applying top coat, i really can't figure out anything (because i took all precautions before applying top coat) except that i usually use moyou black stamping polish but i used konad one in this manicure. I just hope that i am wrong. 

Cheeky plate did a good job, images come out very clean and crisp with every little detail. This plate few more skull including 2 full nail stamp but i thought one of them is too big for my nail so i didn't stamp with that and another one is rather plain skull.

I hope you like this nail art. 

Lemme know if you want swatch of any other images from cheeky jumbo 2013 plates collection.


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Friday 12 July 2013

Delicate Lace Manicure - Lace style Nail Stickers

Hi Lovelies, 

Yayy it's Friday again. this post is very special to me as this is my 200th post. Its been a long journey of learning till now and it will continue to be. Whenever i see my earlier posts i think how messier my manis was but thanks to all of you for inspiring and motivating me.

Today's manicure is a skittle lace manicure. I did this manicure using Born Pretty Store's Lace style stickers. 

products used
base color: Barry M Lychee
skittle stripes: acrylic colors
Lace style stickers from Born Pretty Store
topped with Seche vite

These lace sticker comes in a pack of 30 different styles and very easy to use. You just need to pull it from the sheet and applied on the completely dry polish. After applying them on to the nails, they need a gentle press so they nicely stick to the base and doesn't wear off from sides(specially if you have curvy nails like me).  After that apply your top coat. 

Honestly, i really like them although they needs little more time to set on curvy sides of my nails but once it sticks properly,  it doesn't wear off. I did another lace sticker mani before my trip to Prague and I wore that for whole 5 days without any damage.

You can get this Lace nail stickers from HERE. They are currently showing out of stock but i hope they will get back in stock soon. 
You can also get a discount of 10% when using code "CPL91" at checkout. 
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2. There is also another twitter competition held by Jacava London to win their whole AW13 polish collection, checkout the link for more details: Jacava London Twitter Competition.

Hope you like this manicure as much as me. 


**product sent to me for review however i am honest in my opinion.

Thursday 11 July 2013

Twitter competition with Jacava London!


I recently come to know about Jacava London nail polishes. Jacava is UK nail polish brand and their polishes are 8-free. The formula of polishes is nourishing and even the bottle comes with 22 carat gold imprint. I will be swatching some of their polishes soon. But today something exciting for you. 

Jacava London is hosting a twitter competition where you can win one bottle of each shade of the new JACAVA AW13 collection and also to name one of the purple shades.

To enter all you have to do is to choose which of the three suggested names for the new purple polish you prefer and re-tweet Jacava London's tweet mentioning your choice

A random winner will be chosen in August and that person will win the entire  JACAVA AW13 collection collection,  plus the very first polish with your selected name that too  pre-release. There will also be 3 runners up who will get a bottle of the purple polish. If you win, you will be asked where you heard about the competition, so don't forget to mention Crazy Polishes so I can win too.

Good Luck everyone!!!!


Wednesday 10 July 2013

Emily De Molly Cosmic Forces: Swatch


We all have a unique taste in nail polishes. Some of us love glitters, some shimmer and some textured, but today i have a polish which won everybody's heart in nail world.

I always drooled on Emily De Molly polishes and when lovely Sally announced that she gonna stock Emily De Molly Polishes on Sally Magpies, i ordered Cosmic Forces and Majestic Flight, which I was lemming from the time when i first saw them. 

Cosmic Forces is a purple/plum jelly polish with big round  lavender holographic glitters along-with pink and purple small round and hex glitters. 
Emily De Molly Cosmic Forces
Emily De Molly Cosmic Forces
Emily De Molly 
I applied 2 coats of Cosmic Forces and topped with a coat of seche vite. You can apply 3 coats for more opaque look , i wanted it to look like jell-ish so only applied 2 coats. You can also layered it over another polish.  

Formula is nice although the big circle glitters sink to bottom so a gentle shake before application is must and little placement of circle glitters needed but its not very hectic and totally worth it.

Emily De Molly Cosmic Forces
Emily De Molly Cosmic Forces
Emily De Molly Cosmic Forces
So, I bet that you like it and drooling like i was.

Emily De Molly polishes are available directly from Emily De Molly Etsy store or her Big cartel shop if you are in Australia. 

You can find Emily De Molly polishes at Sally Magpies in UK. 

Please do  comment, reading them makes my day :)


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