Tuesday 22 December 2015

KBshimmer Winter 2015 Collection(partial) Swatches & Review


I have been away from a really long time. I have been busy with some stuff going around and i hope to settle down by January end. I have been working on this post last week and really excited to share it here. KBShimmer launched their winter 2015 collection on 2nd November. This collection has 14 polishes and as always the variety range from cremes to crellies to glitter toppers, flakies and holographic polishes. Today I have swatches of six polishes from this collection to share here. Please continue reading to see them:

Saturday 19 September 2015

Illusion Effect with Fab Ur Nails Stamping


Its been long since I blogged about something. I haven't been doing much nail arts these days and i have so many cool stuff to try on. Today's post is featuring two of them. I recently got Fab Ur Nails new FUN plates and one of them has these cool illusion effect stamping images, no doubt i have to use them first. Here's my manicure: 
illusion effect nail art

Wednesday 19 August 2015

This or That!!


Today's manicure is basically two versions of same accent manicure. Two versions(red version and purple version) because i couldnt decide which one of them are better to share. So, I am sharing both of them and leaving it upto you to decide. 

Monday 10 August 2015

Stamped Chevrons !!!


I love chevron manicures. They look very classic and chic. With invention of nail vinyls, it become very easy to do perfect chevron manicures. I havn't done one in a while because my chevron vinyls are packed. Luckily, there is a pretty chevron stamping image in Uberchic Beauty uc2-02 stamping plate so that inspired me to do chevron manicure. Here it is:
chevron nail art

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Stay Quirky Jersey Effect Nail polish


Nail polishes have become permanent member of a woman's make-up kit and nail art is on a bloom everywhere in the world, India is no exception. I see girls with nail art on more often now then few years back. This fashion trend leading new nail polish brand launches every year. Its been only few months since I am here and i already come to know about couple of new nail polish lines available in Indian market and today's post featuring one of them. 

Stay Quirky is India based nail polish brand which is available only online at purplle.com as of now. They have couple of different exciting collections like creme, glitter, shimmer, duo chrome, jersey effect, silk, satin effect etc. Today's post is featuring a jersey effect nail polish. First see the manicure i did with it:
stay quirky jersey effect legendary bloom nail polish

Friday 31 July 2015

DIY: How To Make Colorful Stamping Polish


Today's post is not an usual post. You all know that I dont have my whole nail collection with me currently and that is why i have just black and white stamping polish and if you are stamping addict like me then you must agree that only black and white stamping polishes aren't enough. 

I thought why not franken some stamping polish with these two basic shades but my tattoo ink set is also packed with my nail stuff, so that wasn't an option either(see the tutorial for that  here in Beaching Nail's tutorial). 

So, i thought to try something which is available easily. First see the result here:
how to make stamping polish
Base- black nail polish from local store
diy stamping polishes- mint green, blue, lavender, green and yellow
stamping plate- uber chic beauty uc2-02 

Continue reading to know how to make stamping polish. 

Monday 27 July 2015



Today i have very bright and cheerful manicure to share. I did this manicure on last friday and still wearing it because its simply very happy manicure.

This manicure featuring sunflower image from uberchic beauty stamping plate. continue reading for more details.
uberchic beauty uc1-02 stamping plate

Saturday 25 July 2015

Something Blue!


I recently got UberChic Beauty stamping plates. I ordered three set and in love with them. Since these are the only plates with me right now(rest of my stuff is packed), you are gonna see lots of uberchic nail arts. 

For this manicure i did double process stamping which mean picking up two images one after another to create a patterned image.
colorbar blue topaz

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Watermarble with OPI Color Paints!!


I am very excited to share today's manicure. I am a big fan of watermarbling technique. It is little bit tricky but if you figure out what polishes and what kinda water works out for you than it is so much fun to do. I have done watermarble many times but i never tried it in hot and humid weather of India.

Before this attempt i tried couple of time with filtered water but it never worked out, finally i tried normal tap water and it worked. Here is my nail art

Thursday 16 July 2015

El Corazon "Nail Party Active Bio-Gel" collection Swatches(Partial)


This post is also one of the long pending post. I have these swatches since march end but I couldn't post them due to move. El Corazon released Nail Party collection back in February 2015. This collection has ten shimmer shades. Today i have swatches of five of them to share here. Continue reading to know more. 

Friday 15 May 2015

Fun Lacquer Million Dollar Dream and Twinkled T Paisley Cyclone Nail Vinyls

Today’s manicure is featuring nail art products I fell in love with. I am not a glitter polish loving person.  I like wearing them once in a while but that’s like once in months, therefore I hardly buy glitter polishes now but when I saw FUN Lacquer Million Dollar Dream, I fell in love with it. This is without a doubt most gorgeous golden glitter polish ever. Fun Lacquer later released a holographic version too but I liked original one more. Here’s the manicure I did using Million Dollar Dream(MDD).
Fun Lacquer million dollar dream

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Nail That Technique Challenge- "Glitter Tint"


Today I am sharing another manicure i did for Nail That Technique's April month theme. I did a glitter tint nail art few months back(see here) and i loved how it turned out. So, i was pretty excited to try it again. 

Glitter tint nail art is a technique where color tint polishes are applied either randomly or in a pattern over a silver glitter base. Here is my complete manicure. Keep reading to see the glitter tint base.
glitter tint nail art

Friday 1 May 2015

Dreamy Gradient and Chevrons


Today's manicure i did for Nail That Technique Challenge theme "Advanced Gradient" but i couldnt post it on time. Advanced gradient is categorized as "not traditional gradient". In typical gradient nail arts,
the gradient is created from top to bottom or vice versa. Advanced gradient is where the gradient is created in some kinda shape.

For this manicure, i did an oval shape gradient and stamped the base, finally finished the manicure with balancing chevron accent. Here's my manicure: 
advanced gradient nail art

Wednesday 29 April 2015

OPI Hawaii Collection (Partial) Swatches and NOTD


Writing here after a long time. I have been little busy and little lazy these days catching up with family and getting all pampering.  I have these swatches with me from start of this month. 

Opi released Hawaii collection for spring 2015.  This collection has total twelve shades of various finishes which ranges from pastels, shimmers, frost and cremes.  Today, i have swatches of four creme shades from this collection with me. 
opi spring 2015 hawaii collection

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Neon Rainbow Water-Marble

Hello from India,
I have reached India and I am loving it here. I was lucky enough to grab a set of Pipe Dream Polish (PDP), A Night In Vegas Creme (ANIVC) during last restock.  If you have PDP ANIVC collection than its not possible that you don’t try water marbling. I did this manicure few days back using ANIVC collection.
pipe dream polish a night in vegas creme collection

Friday 3 April 2015

Easter Manicure

Happy Easter. Just in few hours, I will be catching my flight back home. I loved living in Melbourne and I will miss living here especially around the year fireworks, little café and my home with which I am madly in love. Though it is very tough to leave from here but I am happy to meet my family after such a long time.
Coming towards today’s post, I was totally in love with this nail art, if I didn’t have to do gel nails then I wouldn’t remove this Easter manicure for sure and I think you would agree with me. Have a look:
easter nail art

Thursday 2 April 2015

Nail That Technique Challenge : March "Week 5"- Pond Manicure


This week’s Nail That Technique challenge theme is Pond Manicure. I haven’t posted last two nail arts I did for Nail That Technique challenge but I will try to post them later in month. Pond manicure basically is a technique which shows the depth of the manicure. You layer stamping or freehand designs between layers of jelly polish.  I havn’t done a tutorial for it but I will do one when I settle down a bit. Here is my manicure:
pond nail art

Tuesday 31 March 2015

Thumbs UP Designer Nail Wraps Review and Video How-to


I am little busy these days, that’s why not regular in posting new nail arts here. I am moving to India this weekend so spent last few weeks in planning and packing. I will be on holidays whole april, to spend time with my family there and after that it will take little time to settle down and move my stuff in my own home.  I managed to do some nail arts in advance so that my blog doesn’t go on long break. 

That’s enough for my status update. Coming towards today’s post, I did this post couple of days ago but only could post today. Thumbs UP designer nail wraps is nail wraps brand based in UK. These nail wraps become an instant hit because of their quality and unique designs. 
thumbs up designer nail wraps review

Tuesday 17 March 2015

St. Patrick's Day Manicure


Happy St. Patrick's Day. Today's manicure is inspired from the St. Patrick's Day itself.  I have created a teal green water marble design. 

I used Picture Polish Lakodom and Dragonfly for this manicure along with a regular clear polish to create the water marble. 
st patrick's day water marble nail art

Thursday 12 March 2015

Nail That Technique Challenge "March" week 2- Scaled Gradient


This week's theme for Nail That Technique challenge is scaled gradient. First, i did scaled gradient with neon pink and neon purple, though it came out very well but it wasn't looking nice in picture, the neon purple was looking pink in photos so overall it look like a plain pink polish application. Anyway than i looked into my stash and saw two newly released picture polish bottle sitting in helmer. So, i used picture polish Karma(blogger collaboration shade with Sveta Sanders) and Cherish for this nail art. 
scaled gradient nail art

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Nail That Technique Challenge Week 5- Dry Brush Nail Art


I am little behind doing my challenge manicure for nail that technique challenge. First theme for the March was dry brush. I did a colorful dry brush manicure and stamped it with a geometric design from B.Loves Plates geometry is perfect stamping plate(reviewed here). 

continue reading to see details: 
dry brush nail art technique

Friday 6 March 2015

Orly Sugar High Collection 2015 Spring- Candy Shop and Key Lime Twist Swatch and NOTD


Orly released a limited edition spring 2015 collection called "Sugar High" back in February. This collection has six creme polishes. Today, I have swatches of Candy Shop and Key Lime Twist to share here alongwith an notd. 
orly sugar high spring 2015 collection

Monday 2 March 2015

Nail That Technique Challenge - Week 4: "Reverse Stamping"


I am little late in posting week four challenge manicure for Nail That Technique. The theme for last week was reverse stamping.  

Reverse stamping is also known as stamping decals. When this concept first came out there was two ways of doing it. first method is to stamp on a plastic bag and fill the image, apply top coat and when dries peel it like a decal. Second way is to stamp on stamper head itself and do the rest thing same as first method. Now there is one new way of doing it where you fill the image on stamper itself using nail polishes, when it get dries then you directly stamp it on the nail without applying any top coat on the filled image(unlike previous reverse stamping techniques). 

 For this manicure I used second and third method to see what is more convenient.  I chose tribal design to do reverse stamping and here is my manicure: 
tribal nail art

Friday 27 February 2015

OPI 50 Shades of Grey Collection Swatch and Review


Opi released 50 shades of grey collection last month end. This collection is inspired fromt he movie 50 shades of grey which we all know released on 13th February. This collection has six polishes ranging from different hues of grey to glitter to a sensuous red. Today, i have four of them to share here. 

***Picture heavy***
opi 50 shades of grey collection

Wednesday 25 February 2015

White Night Nails- I Love Nail Polish Supernova and Electric Carnival


Last Saturday Melbourne celebrated White Night. If you already dont know, white night is a cultural event which runs from 7pm to 7am(yeah that's right whole night) showing exceptional visual art, exhibitions, spectacular illuminations, music, theatre, special dining experiences, film, design and performances on display in venues and major cultural institutions right across the city centre. Living in city has its own advantages, one of them is you can be out as long as you want without worrying of traffic or crowd in public transport. We were out till 5 in the morning and only came back because i was feeling sleepy and it was still very crowded that time. 

Anyway, I did a nail art to wear for the occasion and here it is:
music accent nail art

Friday 20 February 2015

Nail That Technique Challenge: Week 3- Sheer Base


The week is almost to end and I am little late than usual in doing this week's #nailthattechnique challenge manicure. This week's theme is "Sheer Base". I am among those who love sheer base nail arts. Previously i did black sheer base nail arts and I find them gorgeous but for challenge manicure, i decided to go with unusual colors for sheer base nail arts. Here's my manicure:
sheer base nail art

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Watermarbled Psychedelic Nails


It was my birthday yesterday, and i had a great day. I am sharing my manicure which i did for my birthday. Its not the typical birthday stuff but I did want something colorful on my nails because i love all bright shades. Here is my nail art: 
psychedelic nail art

Friday 13 February 2015

Valentine's Day Nail Art


Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I decided to one more nail art before the day is over. This nail art featuring a pink dry brush base and stamping images are from three different makers. Lets have a look at manicure first. Continue reading for product details:
valentine's day nail art

Thursday 12 February 2015

Nail That Technique Challenge Week 2 - Syrup Gradient: Nail Art and Tutorial


This week's challenge prompt is Syrup Gradient. Last year, I did a manicure with this technique(see here) and I loved how easy and non messy gradient technique it is. Moreover it requires no tool as the gradient effect is created using the nail polish brush itself.

 I first saw this technique on Chalkboard Nails and saw the tutorial on Rebecca Likes Nails. I did single color gradient previously and this time i decided to go with two colors. I loved how this manicure turned out. Have a look yourself: (go till the end of the post to check out video tutorial).
syrup gradient nail art

Friday 6 February 2015

New Stamping Plates Review- B. Loves Plates Geometry is Perfect and Mind Blown


Today, I am here with a review of new brand(at least to me) of stamping plates. B. Loves Plates is a poland based stamping plates seller. They have released their plates back in october 2014.  The seller,  Anna is also a nail blogger and creating stamping plates was her dream(check out her blog). She send me two out of three plates to review along with a scraper, two beautiful pins and a lovely letter(which i hvnt clicked). 
B. Loves Plates stamping plate review 

Monday 2 February 2015

Nail That Technique Challenge: Week 1- Blobbicure


So February started, can't believe a month of new year already ended and I am nowhere near to even start my new year's resolution :d . Anyway, good thing is that "Nail That Technique" challenge started and this is first week.  Technique to nail this week is "Blobbicure". 

I thought this will be a pretty easy technique and i will nail it in first attempt and i couldnt be more wrong. Though the technique is easy to do but require some attempts to perfect the results. Here is my mani, continue reading to know more about the technique:

Friday 30 January 2015

Valentine's Day Water-marbled Hearts


I know its very early for Valentine's Day nail art but Bundle Monster having a contest and for the frst time i decided to participate in it, so i did this nail art. The theme for the contest is "Valentine's Day" nail art. I decided to go with a pink watermarble as a base for my nail art and here it is:

continue reading to see completed manicure. 
pink watermarble with picture polish

Wednesday 21 January 2015



So, today's nail art i wanted to do like from forever. I did it couple of time in my mind but yesterday i sat down to do it actually on my nails. I like sugar bubble plates and I have few of them. For today's mani i used a beautiful image from sugar bubble SB-025 stamping plate.  Here is my mani: 
bubbles nail art

Monday 19 January 2015

Scaled Gradient Nails


I did this manicure last week and already shared on Instagram. I am trying to keep up with an Instagram challenge from Californails(see here). Theme for 14th January was "new technique". 
From the time when i first saw scaled gradient nail art by Simply NailLogical, I wanted to try it. So, i decided to do scaled gradient for the challenge mani and here it is: 
scaled gradient nail art

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Moyou London New Stamping Polishes Review and Swatch


An year ago, I posted a review of Moyou London stamping polishes(see here). Though they are pretty colors and also stamps well but they didnt show up on black or other dark bases. Another problem with those polishes was that polish name or number wasnt mentioned anywhere on the bottle or packaging. 

Few months back Moyou London launched new and improved stamping polishes. I was lucky enough to get few to test and review. So, lets start: 

Here are the three polishes i got, continue reading for detailed review:
moyou stamping polishes

Friday 9 January 2015

Born Pretty Store Rectangular Stamping Plate Collection Review


In last few months, Born Pretty Store released beautiful stamping plates. They released round as well as rectangular stamping plates. Today, I am reviewing rectangular stamping plate and three of new born pretty store stamping polishes. 
born pretty store rectangular stamping plate

Wednesday 7 January 2015

DRK Themes Enlaced Stamping


Happy New Year. I am a bit late in wishing here but better late than never. I was caught up in some work and that's why couldn't post anything here. I hope you all had a great start of new year.  On 31st December, i got an awesome nail mail having my DRK themes enlaced stamping plate. This is my first purchase with drk  and i couldnt be more satisfied with my order.  

Here's the first nail art i did with DRK themes enlaced stamping plate. 
lace nail art