Wednesday 7 January 2015

DRK Themes Enlaced Stamping


Happy New Year. I am a bit late in wishing here but better late than never. I was caught up in some work and that's why couldn't post anything here. I hope you all had a great start of new year.  On 31st December, i got an awesome nail mail having my DRK themes enlaced stamping plate. This is my first purchase with drk  and i couldnt be more satisfied with my order.  

Here's the first nail art i did with DRK themes enlaced stamping plate. 
lace nail art
Base is picture polish peaches n'cream and the stamping polish is konad black.
picture polish peaches n' cream
drk stamping plate
lace nail art

Here is a photo of the plate:
drk themes enlaced stamping plate
As you can see in the nail art that the image quality is very nice and crisp. I love how beautifully it stamps. Moreover the images are very pretty in the plate.

Are you lace crazy??