Friday 29 June 2012

Barry M Croc Effect Nail Polish

Hola Gals,
weekend is here....  wht are ur plans for this weekend :).. I am planning a picnic this saturday essentially with sandwiches ;)... nywayz the point is m here with my latest favorite polish Barry M Croc Effect from my recent haul( u can check the post HERE)... only thing i wanna say abt it is AWESOME...

What they say about it: Croc Nail Effects is a stunning development following the best selling crackle range. These cracks appear in a more uniform mock-croc style pattern.

How To Use: Apply a base colour, after a few minutes when the nail paint is still a bit tacky apply a coat of Croc Nail Effects. Watch the amazing effect appear in a few minutes. The effect takes a bit longer to appear than the crackle but it is worth it!

My Experience: I applied a base coat followed by two coats of Barry M Gold Foil which i reviewed HERE..
when the 2nd coat is still tacky i applied a medium coat of croc effect and waited till it dry..

i so luv it as its being so different from regular crackle polishes available in terms of type of cracks.. truly a crocodile pattern...
the size of cracks can be adjusted by how thick or thin ur coat is.. the thinner the coat smaller the cracks..
finally i sealed it with a quick dry top coat.. only issue is tht it comes in only a singl color tht is black. iwish thy hav more color option to choose from..

isnt it lovely.... <3 <3 <3.. plz do comment..


Wednesday 27 June 2012

NOTD: stamping Lucky Lucky Lavender

Hello Gals,
apologies for being so far away from my blog or even internet.. u all must be knowing above me moving to UK.. i was super busy last month in meeting relatives.. doing other arrangements of shifting stuff to in-laws place etc etc... i cldnt find time to even do my own nails :( ... bt finally m back in action... yo...

now u all gonna see lots of polish swatches, nail arts, stamping nd lot more :)..  coming to the post lemme first tell u tht my mom also love nail arts and i gt lovely nails from her only :)...  so when i was at my mom's place she asked me 2 do her nails.. after a long discussion (rather jhagda :D)  we come to a final design.. 

so for this i use OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender as base color and then stamped it with Konad Special Polish in Blue and finally stick a flower fimo at the base..
we both so luv this stamp.. i did the same stamp on her toe nails also but with White special polish over Red base color :)
she carried this for whole week un-chipped after tht v both get bored with this nd she removed it herself :)

hope u all like this


Friday 1 June 2012

April-May Mega Haul

Hello Gals,
here I am with another haul..  i got Barry M NPs alongwith big image plates from amazon uk and sleek palettes and OB series image plates which i got from our dear Kejal..  I am so overwhelmed to see all my stuff together.. i ordered barry m, big size image plates and sleek palettes back in April from UK and 2 of my frnd were coming to India so thy got these with them... so so sweet of them :)..  enjoy the pics ..
(picture heavy post)
(from l-r Barry M Croc Effect, Silver Foil, Golden Foil, Lilac Foil)
(from l-r Mint Green, Peach Melba, Blueberry, Strawberry,Berry, Lemon Ice-Cream)
(on left most Mushroom)
(Image plates)
 Sleek's Original I-Divine, Primer and Bad Girl Palette
(original I-Divine)
(Primer Palette)
(Bad Girl Palette)
(OB image plates)

wht u say abt this ???