Saturday 29 December 2012

"Pumpkin Cocktail"- My First Franken Polish + Misfits On 8th Store Review

Hello Chics, 

I have shown you many franken or indie polishes like Darling Diva Polish, F4 Polish, Feenix Polish and today i  am gonna show you a franken polish created by myself. 

Franken polish as you may know is a polish created by youself either by mixing few polishes and glitters or starting from scrap and adding pigments to polish base. Sounds tough but believe me its as easy once you understand the ratio of ingredients. 

Pumpkin Cocktail is the first polish i created  and I am very very happy with the results.First have a look:

I put 1, 2, 3 and 4 coats of polish from my pinky to index respectively.
Pumpkin Cocktail is a crelly base polish having black and aqua teal square glitters and very tiny azure hex glitters.  

The hardest part was giving it a name and I am so blessed that some lovely fellow bloggers helped me to  name it.

I used suspension base to create this polish as it prevent glitters to sink and after 72 hours glitter are all floating in the polish and easy to use.. I am very proudly say that this polish is loaded with glitter and i didnt have to do fishing for them :)

Now the point is from where to get perfect polish supplies, glitter tht doesn't bleed and base which gave them a float.  Like India, its tough to get suspension base here in UK and many US supplier doesn't supply international. 

It led me to do more n more googl-ing and then I come to know about an etsy shope Misfits On 8th who was selling suspension base in 15ml bottle. I talked to Natasha, owner of the shop and a sweetheart. She sent me a sample pack of the suspension base and few glitters. 
The parcel arrived safely and well packed and i was surprised to see all those glitters. Suspension base has 2 steel balls in it.

The best thing is she ships international and thats all i wanted. I have already shown you nice quality of glitters and base. She even has starter kits for making your own polishes and options for 40z, 8oz, 16oz suspension base.

Currently she is running two offers. One is buy 2 get 1 free on 15ml suspension base bottle till 31st December and another is 15% discount till 1st January. 

Checkout her Etsy Store HERE
You can also   contact her on her FB Fan Page

So, do you like my Pumpkin Cocktail.

Please do comment and share your views about it. I would love to hear what you say about my first effort.


Friday 28 December 2012

Winter Holiday Challenge: Day 8- New Year Eve

Hello Chics, 

Hows the holiday season treating you all... We had nice Christmas, yummy dinner, loads of cake n chocolates, boxing day shopping, trip to Harry Potter sets..and in all  this i missed to post the last theme :( .. but today is last day of the challenge and the theme is New Year Eve...  I recently bought  New year theme snowwhite stamping plate from Nailways .. so i decided to use the plate for this theme.. Here's what i created:

base: LA color craze blue lagoon
stamping plate: Nailways snow white new year
stamping polish: barry m silver foil

I hope you like it .. I am trying my best to do another month long challenge starting from Jan 1st 2013 but lets see in not in January then I will be doing 28 days challenge in February :D


Friday 21 December 2012

Winter Holiday Challenge: Day 6- Reindeer and Sleigh

Happy Holidays!!! Holidays are finally started. Tomorrow i will  be going on the tour for which i waited 2 months,  Warner Bros Studio Tour on the sets of Harry Potter and i am quite excited as I am a big fan of kid Harry Potter. I will share pics on FB.

Anyways coming to today's post. Today's theme is Reindeer and Sleigh. I initially thought to free hand them but then I saw all those Reindeer Images on my stamping plates asking me to stamp with them, so  I decide to stamp my nails.
 Base: LA Colors Wired
Stamping Polish: Barry M Silver Foil
Stamping Plate: HD 05 and 07.
Wired is gorgeous shade and even looking so beautiful on my toe nails.
These plates stamps like magic very smooth and clean application.
Let me know what you think of this mani. 

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Winter Holiday Challenge: Day 5- Christmas Decoration


Today is theme of Winter Holiday Challenge is Christmas Decoration and as obvious i  stamped my nails with ornaments. candles, stocking and bell..

base: i used kiko 260, kiko is my recently found favorite brand because of affordable price and range of polishes.
stamping polish: konad yellow, Born pretty stamping polish blue(reviewed here), konad red, Barry m gelly blackberry.

stamping plate: my favorite this Christmas HD series.

I know pictures are crappy but it was dark and i was too lazy to set lightbox.. so i took  pic in flash.. please excuse me for tht. 

Base is looks beautiful in-person with all glitters/shimmers in it. 

Hope you like it.

Please have a look about what other gals created below.


Tuesday 18 December 2012

Swatch: F4 Polish Who-Ville, Elf On A Shelf and Christmas Wish

Hello Chics,

Continuing our holiday celebrations, here I am with another Christmas Collection. This is from F4 Polish.. 
I did review them previously here. Jenn, Lacey and Lexi created this beautiful Christmas in the City collection. They sent me these 3 beauties to swatch. 

First noticeable thing is label.They created special labels for the collection featuring Christmas elements and glitters. Without talking much lets jump to  swatches.
First one is Elf on a Shelf. It's a mixture of green micro glitters, medium red and green with big matte red hex glitters suspended in white crelly base. 

It can be wear on its own but i layered 2 coats of it on a thin coat of white and topped with poshe.

Next is Who-Ville. It is a clear polish with tiny neon green and big red hex wrinkled glitters. 

 Here i layered 2 coats of Who-Ville over Barry M's Spring Green. Topped with poshe. 

Last but definitely not the list is Christmas Wish. Its everything that a Christmas polish should be. It has large white hex, red heart glitter, medium red and green hex and tiny green glitters suspended in a clear base.

Here are two coats of Christmas Wish over black base with top coat. 

All the three polishes are easy to apply, no fishing is needed. Although bottles are jammed packed with glitters but still formula didnt get thick or clumsy. I love F4 polishes. 

all F4 polishes are big 3 Free!!!
These polishes costs $8 and also available in minis($4) upon requests.
Shipping to US and Canada $3 and $5 respectively and for intentional orders PM them on their FB wall.  
You can visit their Etsy store here(currently they are on holiday and will re-open after Christmas).
You can also check their Facebook Page to see all the new announcement, swatches and discounts. 

 Which one you like most. 


Friday 14 December 2012

Winter Holiday Challenge: Day 4- Presents and Gift Wraps


Yay!!! its Friday and also day 4 of Winter Holiday Challenge.
Today's theme is Presents and Gift Wraps and here's my mani:

base: barry m red glitter layered over a coat of tip top nail chic red
stamping polishes: barry m silver foil, golden foil, Moyou light blue and lilac, konad yellow.
stamping plate HD10

It is not the mani what i originally thought...but i love the shiny glitter base :)

hope you like it. 


Wednesday 12 December 2012

Winter Holiday Challenge: Day 3- Festival of Lights

Happy Hanukkah!!!

Today's post is dedicated to all my Jewish followers. This  post is specially for you guyz. 

This is day 3 for the Winter Holiday Challenge and the theme is "Festival of Lights". 
For those who doesn't  know much about the Hanukkah like me, its a eight day long Jewish Holiday which is also know as Festival  of Lights. This year its been celebrating during December8 to December16th.

As, i said i dont know much about the festival so initially i thought to go with a Christmas light manicure but then wikipedia come to rescue and told me more about the festival and related elements.

Finally i created this:

 I prepared a yellow orange gradient base using acrylic colors.

On my index finger,I painted the Star of David which is the symbol of the Jewish faith and people(also called Shield of David). 

On my middle finger i made a Menorah which is typically speaking a nine-branched candelabrum lit during the eight-day holiday of Hanukkah. 

On my ring finger i draw a dreidel which is a four sided spinning top played during Hanukkah.Each side of the dreidel bears a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which together form the acronym "a great miracle happened there".

 And that's pretty much what all i understood and i hope i have not disappointed you. 

Please do check what other girls come up with and also do comment.


Tuesday 11 December 2012

Darling Diva Polish: Holiday 2012 Collection Swatches

Hello Chics, 
How you all doing. Holidays are almost here and  today I am gonna show you 3 of Darling Diva Polish's Holiday 2012 collection.

Beautiful, isn't it.. This is gonna be a picture heavy post :)

Carrie created this collection from being inspired by the movie "A Christmas Story". I am one of those people who haven't seen it yet but I am gonna see it tonight. This collection has 12 polishes. Some of the names are Electric Sex, Frah-zhee-lay, Sheer Poetry, A Christmas Story, Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra etc. :)

First of all Electric Sex. It is the one you really cant take your eyes off. Inspired by the Leg Lamp, this polish is a black jelly polish which have holographic gold hex and bars, small gold square glitters and tiny gold glitters.

I wore this polish on its own because i thought its too gorgeous to layered on. 3 decent coats are enough for full coverage. 
Next one is Triple Dog Dare.Now this is another beauty, it is a light blue/grey jelly with  pink-golden duo-chrome base and lots of large hex blue glitters, medium purple and aqua blue glitters. 

  In the above pictures i layered it over Barry m silver foil. i just now realized that i haven't took any picture to show duo-chrome base :(

This one above is over Barry M lilac foil. This polish simply reminds me of peacock feather :)
Glitters are easy to apply in the above pics i used 2 coats of Triple Dog Dare. 

And. the last one is Frah-Zhee-Lay. I got to see this movie, the names making me so curious :D
This polish is clear base glitter bomb with loads n loads of  tiny red and green glitters, small aqua green glitters, medium green glitters, large holographic hex and bar silver glitters.

In the above pics i layered it on a sheer green base. I used horizontal dab dab brush stroke for layering this polish and as you can see it made my nails look full of glitters in a single coat.However if you dont like so much glitters than you can layerthem normally like we apply our nail polish.

With black base, and this is the one i am currently wearing.This looks so Christmas-y to me. 

In the below picture i layered 2 coats of both of the polishes over white base.
 Now hopefully on this base you can see the beauty of both polishes.
 Triple Dog Dare showing its blue-ish jelly base.

Darling Diva Polishes costs between $8 -$12 for 15ml bottle and
ships international with very reasonable shipping rates.
You can buy these polishes on her Etsy Store and can contact her on Facebook Page

Friday 7 December 2012

Winter Holiday Challenge: Day 2- Gingerbread Man and Candy Canes

Hello Lovelies,

 very quick post today. Today is day two and the theme is Gingerbread Man and Candy-canes, and i created:
 image plates used: HD08 and HD10
stamping polish: barry m mushroom(brown)and stragazer nail art pen red
i love gingerbread man the most.. he is cute :)

please do comment , i love reading your comments also i am considering to install comment luv again on the blog .. wht u say??


Wednesday 5 December 2012

Winter Holiday Challenge: Day 1- Snowflakes and Snowfall

Starting from today i am participating is a new challenge. Winter Holiday Challenge have different themes based on winters, Hanukkah, Christmas and new year. I am so excited about this challenge and hoping you will all enjoy the posts. 

Today is day one and the theme is Snowflakes and Snowfall. Here's what i come up with: 

I decided to do a simple blue base with little white sponging. On my ring finger i used white flock powder to give a cute snow sheet effect(although i cldnt capture it perfectly, but it looking cool)

image plates used: Moyou image plate 15, HD 05, Cheeky's XXL image plate C(for the tree) and nailways weather plate for clouds and snow

Here's m anothr attempt to  capture snowsheet

Hope u guyz like this mani. Please do comment and check what other girls come up with below.