Saturday 29 December 2012

"Pumpkin Cocktail"- My First Franken Polish + Misfits On 8th Store Review

Hello Chics, 

I have shown you many franken or indie polishes like Darling Diva Polish, F4 Polish, Feenix Polish and today i  am gonna show you a franken polish created by myself. 

Franken polish as you may know is a polish created by youself either by mixing few polishes and glitters or starting from scrap and adding pigments to polish base. Sounds tough but believe me its as easy once you understand the ratio of ingredients. 

Pumpkin Cocktail is the first polish i created  and I am very very happy with the results.First have a look:

I put 1, 2, 3 and 4 coats of polish from my pinky to index respectively.
Pumpkin Cocktail is a crelly base polish having black and aqua teal square glitters and very tiny azure hex glitters.  

The hardest part was giving it a name and I am so blessed that some lovely fellow bloggers helped me to  name it.

I used suspension base to create this polish as it prevent glitters to sink and after 72 hours glitter are all floating in the polish and easy to use.. I am very proudly say that this polish is loaded with glitter and i didnt have to do fishing for them :)

Now the point is from where to get perfect polish supplies, glitter tht doesn't bleed and base which gave them a float.  Like India, its tough to get suspension base here in UK and many US supplier doesn't supply international. 

It led me to do more n more googl-ing and then I come to know about an etsy shope Misfits On 8th who was selling suspension base in 15ml bottle. I talked to Natasha, owner of the shop and a sweetheart. She sent me a sample pack of the suspension base and few glitters. 
The parcel arrived safely and well packed and i was surprised to see all those glitters. Suspension base has 2 steel balls in it.

The best thing is she ships international and thats all i wanted. I have already shown you nice quality of glitters and base. She even has starter kits for making your own polishes and options for 40z, 8oz, 16oz suspension base.

Currently she is running two offers. One is buy 2 get 1 free on 15ml suspension base bottle till 31st December and another is 15% discount till 1st January. 

Checkout her Etsy Store HERE
You can also   contact her on her FB Fan Page

So, do you like my Pumpkin Cocktail.

Please do comment and share your views about it. I would love to hear what you say about my first effort.



  1. Your Pumpkin Cocktail looks gorgeous :) well done

  2. So crazy, i loved it!
    I tried to do a indie polish once, it dind´t worked out kkkkkk

    1. thnk u so much ... u should try it again... definitely fun to do :).. all d best ..xx

  3. love the name ,shade everything dimapl..gr8 job

  4. heya ! I am in india , are u from India ?can i get this frankening suspension base from her shop in india ?

  5. heya ! I am in india , are u from India ?can i get this frankening suspension base from her shop in india ?