Friday 30 August 2013

OMG NailStrips Review


This week passed  by very quickly.  We should have more long weekends in an year. We went to visit Scotland with some friends and had absolute memorable time. 

Today I am gonna show you a manicure i did using OMG Nail Stickers. I wore this manicure during my trip to Scotland.  I got these two designs:

OMG Nail Strips Review

OMG nail strips comes into both nail polish and nail foil strips. There are  fourteen strips in each packet with  seven different sizes. Here are the instructions mentioned on their website:
  • Soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes. Dry hands, then gently push back cuticles. Carefully remove any excess skin around the nail bed.
  • Moisturize your hands with lotion, and wait 1 minute.
  • Using a Q-tip, remove any leftover lotion from the nail bed, paying special attention to the sidewalls, cuticle area and tip of the fingernail.
  • Select the appropriate sized nail strip for each nail to ensure the nail will be covered from sidewall to sidewall. Using a nail strip that is too large for a particular nail is not recommended; rather, trim the strip the scissors to the appropriate width.
  • Peel off the clear coating, and then carefully remove the nail polish strip from the sticker backing,
  • Start by placing whichever end on the nail strip that works better for your nails at the cuticle and  apply it by smoother the strip towards the tip and your nail, smoothing out and bumps and ensuring the strip is tucked neatly into the sidewalls.
  • File away any excess nail strip by holding your nail file parallel to the surface you are working on, as filing the nail perpendicularly will cause tearing along the tip.
  • After you have applied all ten polish strips, take a cotton ball the has been dipped in polish removed with the excess remover wrung out, and swipe each nail 1-3 times, paying special attention to the sidewalls, tips and cuticle area. This step is especially important, as it melts the strip to your nails, allowing for longer lasting wear.
  • Apply a finishing topcoat, and wait 5 minutes for it to dry completely. 
You can also see the video here.
OMG nailstrips on left hand
omg nailstrips on left hand
omg nailstrips on right hand
OMG nail strips on right hand
OMG Nail Polish Strips

 Here is a pic from the trip(on fourth day):

I applied them on my both hands. Application was very easy and most of the strips set finely on my nail bed. I did cut one strip to fit it in my middle finger. I applied a coat of seche vite over them. Whole process took about 15 minutes including drying time.

I wore these strips five days after that i removed them using little nail polish remover on sides and then peel them off. They got slightly chipped  from tips on day four but nothing major.

I will do a video about how to apply them and tips n tricks to make them fit your nails perfectly. 

You can buy OMG NailStrips directly from their website.
You can also  follow them on Facebook or Instagram(@omgnailstrips).

These nail strips costs $6.89 and the nail foil strips costs $4.29. 

They are currently offering a 4 for $20 promotion with coupon code “4pack” and a 10 fir $45 with coupon code “10pack”.

They ship international.

Do you like nail strips?? 


**product sent to me for review however i am honest with my opinion.

Thursday 29 August 2013

New Stamping Plate Alert: The Artist Collection from Moyou London


Time for new image plate collection from Moyou London

Meet Mona "The Artist". This collection is super amazing and Moyou up their level one step further again. 

This collection has 11 stamping image plates and will be available from tomorrow for pre-sale
These Image plates will cost £4.99 each

Hold you breath....
Moyou London The Artist Collection

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Zoya Fall 2013 PixieDust Collection Swatches


I am so excited about today's post. I wanted to post it last Friday but it was long weekend and i was busy with packing for the trip. I came back yesterday morning and slept almost whole day. I will show you the manicure i did for the trip in next post.  

Zoya launched three Fall Collections, Cashmeres(which has six cashemere creams), Satins(which has five satin metallic shades and a super luxe gold topper) and PixieDust(six shimmery matte textured polishes).
Today, I have four polishes from Zoya Fall 2013 PixieDust Collection. I have Arabella, Dhara, Chita and Carter. This collection has 2 more polishes  Sunshine and  Tomoko but i couldn't get them. 

Zoya Fall 2013 PixieDust Collection

Thursday 22 August 2013

New Plates from Moyou London- New additions to Time Traveller Collection


This is the second post for the day(click here to see my another post) but I couldn't stop myself from sharing it.

Moyou London is again launching new plates. This time its not a whole new collection but it is a surprising extension to Time Traveller Collection. Moyou introducing 6 new plates to Time traveller collection.
These plates have images of fashion clothes trends that are inspired by each decade. They had fashion designers working on it and i must say that i love all  6 plates.

These plates costs £4.99 and will be available from tomorrow for pre-sale.

Image size of each image will be like other XL plate images 1.5x2.0 cm...
Have a look urself:

What you think??   I like 20s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s most.
Stay tuned because they gonna launch one more collection "Artist" next week. 
Those who ordered XL plates from them. You might be getiing them sooner than you think. 
Do you know that Moyou ships international. Checkout Moyou website and Facebook page to stay tuned. 
If you havn't entered already than please checkout my giveaway where you can win  6 Time Traveller Collection plates(previously launched). Enter here:
for mobile users:


Mentality 420 Holo Collecction- Regulate Swatch and NOTD


I am feeling lucky these days as I never won polishes in a giveaway but I won two giveaways last weekend onewas hosted by Sally Magpies in which i got Mentality Polish 420 Holo Collection having four polishes and another one was hosted by Wendy from Wendy's Delights where i won Pocket Money Polish Scream and Shoutwhich is a neon glitter topper. 

Today i have Regulate, a gorgeous holographic polish from Mentality 420 Holo Collection.It is a dark blue holographic polish with hints of green. 

This is my first Mentality polish and i absolutely love the formula. I used two coats for following pictures and a layer of top coat. It applies nic and even without any bald patches. 

Since my left pinki finger nail is suffering from breakage and bad chopping so i decided to paint on my dominant hand's finger nails again. Here is regulate for you(all the pictures are taken in artificial lighting):
Mentality 420 Holo's -Regulate
Mentality 420 Holo's -Regulate
Mentality 420 Holo's -Regulate swatch
Mentality 420 Holo's -Regulate review
Honestly pictures doesn't do justice to the polish. It's more deeper blue than in the pictures but i am sure you can see the goodness inside the bottle.

I stamped cute flowers design from Cheeky jumbo Happy Nails image plate. 
Cheeky jumbo 2013 happy nails stamping

I dont know about you but i absolutely love this stamping and this manicure. It has delicacy of flowers and gorgeousness of hologram effect(lol does that even make sense).

Mentality Polishes are available at Sally Magpies within UK and you can also go to their Bigcartel Store. There is a wide range of polishes to choose from and they are so reasonable.

Tune to  Sally Magpies Facebook Page to know about upcoming news, restocks, sale and giveaways.

If you like it than please do comment. 


Monday 19 August 2013

Franken Set from Mica Moma UK


I am late in posting today but i was out whole weekend and that's why couldn't schedule the post. 

Today's post is very exciting specially for UK girls. We all like indie polishes and some of us(like me) always wish to try their hands on making them but finding the supplies within UK is very tough and was almost impossible as suppliers here in UK doesn't sells the suspension base in smaller quantity. 

Luckily we now have Mica Moma here in UK. Mica moma is an onlise store who stock franken supplies like suspension base, mica pigment, glitters, steel balls, empty polish bottles and other franken supplies. Not only this they also stock supplies for lips and eyes products.

I wan sent a franken starter kit to test which reached me safely in two days. 
franken starter kit in uk
The kit has following products in it:

3 x 15ml nail polish bottles (containing Micamoma suspension base)
3 x 10ml empty nail polish bottles
1 x 0.5ml easy pour measuring spoon
1 x 0.05ml easy pour measuring spoon
1 x solvent resistant Funnel
10 x Large Steel Balls 6mm (solvent resistant)
5 x 5g High Quality Solvent resistant Glitter(i got 5gm bag of each silver holo, golden, burgundy, black,  copper hex)
5 x 5g High Quality Mica powder(i got iridescent green, azure, snow white, black magic and hot pink)

Obviously i was too excited to make my franken polishes that i didn't take photos when the parcel arrived hence missing two bottle of suspension base and steel balls.

It also comes with an instruction note where the step bt step  process of making your own polish is mentioned. 

I made six franken polishes(5-8ml) with two suspension base bottles. I  haven't give them a name yet but here they are:

I used five empty polish bottles which i already have. 
first one in top left is a polish is a mix of  iridescent green mica, suspension base, black hex and silver holo hex glitters..
Second is a simple mix  of burgundy, black and silver holo glitter top coat.
Third one is a crelly formula with black and burgundy glitters suspended in a pink gelly base.
Forth one is created using black mica and silver holo hex and a very little amount of golden hex.
Fifth is a mix of silver and golden glitters in suspension base i added little bit of clear polish to it. 
and lastly Sixth is a simple black crelly which has copper glitters. 

I made this polishes two days before and applied them today. Suspension base is great and the glitters didn't sunk to bottom. Mica is also  worked nice no setting in the base and applied beautifully. 

so which one you liked most..Any of these you want me to show on my nails. 

If you had this kit what kinda polish you would have created??

you can get this kit and check out other glitter and supplies on Mica Moma Website. You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


Thursday 15 August 2013

NOTD- Happy Independence Day!!!!

Vande Matram, 

Today India is celebrating it's 66th Independence Day and being a proud Indian i have to do a nail art for this occasion. Making the occasion more special some of the Indian Beauty Bloggers decided to do a theme collaboration post. So checkout in-linkz at the end of the post to see what other bloggers did for the day. 

I did a striping tape and sponging nail art inspired from the colors of Tiranga(Indian Flag). Nailart ispiration for this manicure is this manicure from The Nailasauras. combination Here is my manicure:
inspired from Indian Flag
Indian Independence Day manicure
Indian Independence Day nail art
products used

Maybelline colorama verde palmeira(green)
Gala of london N07
Sally Hansen xtreme wear white on
striping tape
makeup sponge
topped with seche vite

So please checkout what others come up with and hope you like this manicure. 

Jai Hind!!!!


Wednesday 14 August 2013

Peacock Nails- stamping with Moyou Suki 01 plate


I am loving image plate collection from Moyou and I did lots of manicure with them recently(check here or here or here). I placed an order earlier at moyou and recently got the plate i am most excited- Suki 01. 

Here is what i ordered. In second pic you can see suki 01 and why i was so excited about it:
moyou suki 01, pro 01 and sailor 01
moyou suki plate collection 01
 It's so unconventional stamping plate and very innovative..i can think of so many manicure with it.
Here is my manicure using this plate

products used

polish- picture polish paradise(swatched here)
stamping plate- moyou suki 01
stamping polish: konad black and nyc foil(pink foil)
topped with seche
picture polish paradise
moyou suki plate 01
moyou image plate suki 01
This manicure is not perfect but i love how well and crisp images came out plus picture polish paradise is so stunning polish so overall i love this manicure. 

You can buy Moyou plates directly from their website. They are must have for stamping lovers.. I mean it. 

Do you like this plate?? 
Any stamping suggestion for it.. I would love to hear :)

Also  tomorrow is our Independence Day and you may know that we Indian bloggers are doing a collaboration theme post tomorrow featuring anything and everything (ootd, fotd, notd, eotd) inspired from the day.. for more  details click HERE.

Tuesday 13 August 2013

NOTD: Textured Zig-Zag!!!

Hope you all  had nice weekend and a great start of this week. I am late by a day in posting this manicure. I did this manicure for AiS tweekly challenge and the theme was "stamp using two or more stamping polishes".. however i didn't share this manicure there as the two polishes i used is looking almost same in pictures.. color difference is quite visible in person but it doesn't show up in pictures. 

I did a zig-zag pattern on Jesse's Girl cosmetics limited edition JulieG frosted gum drops Hot Cinnamon. These polishes were in my lemming list from so long and sadly these are not available in UK so my friend send them to me from US.. I never swatched them on blog because there are already so many swatches all over the internet...but i will definitely show swatches when i do a manicure using them so here is Hot Cinnamon: please excuse my index finger nail.. i accidentally cracked it on the corner with  knife and i cant chop them further down to make them of same size.
JulieG frosted gum drop Hot Cinnamon
Hot Cinnamon is a cherry red texture polish with gold shimmer. This polish looks so beautiful both with and without top coat. I used 2 coats for the pictures:
JulieG frosted gum drop Hot Cinnamon
Jesse's girl JulieG frosted gum drop Hot Cinnamon
Here is the zig zag manicure i done on it:
julieG texture polish hot cinnamon without top coat
products used:

nail polish: JulieG hot cinnamon
stamping polish: nyc foil aqua mystic(blue foil) and magic earth(green foil)
stamping plate: cheeky jumbo plate 5 musical nails

As you can see both polishes look similar in picture but that is the fault of my camera.

I then applied top  coat on it and  hot cinnamon got all sparkled up. It looked so beautiful with top coat on.. so sparkly and gorgeous.
zig zag manicure
zig zag nail art using cheeky jumbo plate 5 musical nails
Here is a macro  shot of the polish:
JulieG Hot Cinnamon

So do you like it with top coat or without top coat??


Friday 9 August 2013

Black Beauty!!!


I told you in my previous post that my left  hand finger nails are nubbins now however i havn't chopped down my dominant(right) hand nails because they were looking so lovely as oppose to nubbins.. i try to keep  my both hands as far as possible from each other so nobody notice difference in nail length thts silly i knw :D :D

I did a manicure on my dominant hand. It wasn't easy thing to do especially when you have to share it with everyone and it should be neat. This  is a striping tape plus stamping manicure. Ok one thing i strictly instructed to mention here is to mention mr. husband ...he helped me in clicking pictures and placing striping tape. He was even ready to stamp but he really sucks not good in that and i surely didn't want to ruin my base.

Anyway here is my manicure:
moyou kitty plate collection 02
 products used

base polishes: Orly Coachella Dweller,  OPI alpine snow
stamping  polish: konad special  black

striping tape manicure
orly coachella dweller, opi alpin snow
rose and stripe nail art
clicking your dominant hand is another challenge. I am used to certain pose of my left hand for taking shots but i couldn't make my right hand to pose like that and even when i managed it once or twice,  it wasn't looking tht good. 

If you follow me on Facebook,  you must know about latest news from Moyou. They started shipping orders and gonna add lots of more plates today and next friday.

hope you like this mani .. do you also face same challenges while doing nail art on your dominant hand finger nails. 

Happy Weekend!!!


Wednesday 7 August 2013



I thought to make it a quick post but then i saw my fingers typing the post and i couldn't stop myself from writing.... my left finger nails are not at their best these days... my index finger nail in broken from the corner and i can see a crack in my pinki no my nails are not weak but this happened while doing house chores :( .. so i chopped them all.. but on contrast my dominant hand nails are looking super prefect and well groomed.. i am hoping to show them in coming post if i could paint them properly..

Anyway i somehow managed to do a manicure with these nubbins. I did a glitter tips with stamping manicure. Have a look:

products i used:

nail polishes: w7 golden suede and kleancolor firework(glitter)
stamping plate: moyou kitty plate collection 01
stamping polish: konad special black
topped with seche

w7 golden suede

I then applied Essie Matte about you topper to give it a matte look
moyou kitty plate collection 01
glitter gradient manicure
kleancolor firework
This image plate can be directly order from Moyou's Website and they do ship to US.

I hope you like this manicure. 

Please follow me on instagram.. my instagram user id is crazypolishes1