Thursday, 31 May 2012

April-May Mega Haul

Hello Gals,
here I am with another haul..  i got Barry M NPs alongwith big image plates from amazon uk and sleek palettes and OB series image plates which i got from our dear Kejal..  I am so overwhelmed to see all my stuff together.. i ordered barry m, big size image plates and sleek palettes back in April from UK and 2 of my frnd were coming to India so thy got these with them... so so sweet of them :)..  enjoy the pics ..
(picture heavy post)
(from l-r Barry M Croc Effect, Silver Foil, Golden Foil, Lilac Foil)
(from l-r Mint Green, Peach Melba, Blueberry, Strawberry,Berry, Lemon Ice-Cream)
(on left most Mushroom)
(Image plates)
 Sleek's Original I-Divine, Primer and Bad Girl Palette
(original I-Divine)
(Primer Palette)
(Bad Girl Palette)
(OB image plates)

wht u say abt this ???


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

NOTD: Inglot 955 and first hand on OB stamping plates

Hello Gals,
how you all are doing.. I am so busy  these days and thats why I am not able to give time to nails and my baby blog  :(... bt i promise as soon as i get free i will pamper it with all my luv... <3 <3..  this post is about my first Inglot NP.. you might be knowing abt the Inglot 25% sale on mother's day.. i got this NP along with some other Inglot cosmetics..

what Inglot says about the polish:
"Durable, matte, medium drying time formula DOES NOT CONTAIN:- toluene- formaldehyde- dibutyl phthalate (DBP)- camphor Apply two coats Make sure that first coat is completely dry before applying second one. Some shades look best with three coats. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS 15ML/0.51 US FL OZ"
Price: INR 490/- but i got it at 25% off.. i think its a bit pricey.. you can easily get an OPI or CG for this price
Application: its a creamy pretty blue color..application is nice i applied 2 coats of the polish.. brush size is descents for short nails but for wide and big nails it will take 3 strokes to cover whole nail.. above pic is taken without top coat. 
gals plz excuse me for blurry pics ny SLR isnt with me nd this camera just not  letting me focus..
I stamped this with OB13 image plate( which i got from Kejal.. she had an extra set of these plates) and konad white special polish.
i messed index finger in hurry of applying top coat :( ... 
whtz ur experience with Inglot NPs.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Copy Cat: Lets Share Nail Art Challenge- Day 5

Hola Gals,
I was away from my blog for d whole week .. nd i missed all of u and my cute lil blog a lot :( ... i had the most terrible week of lifetime  with lots of confusions, discussions....  bt finally everything is looking gud now....  I really want to do a post and share abt wht i faced...  nyway coming to happy track...  u all knw i was participating in Puja's Nail Art Challenge..  the fifth day was on 20th May and the theme is COPY CAT.. in which we have to copy a nail art and recreate it .. I told her abt my busy schedule and she was kind enough to extend my timeline by today...  So, here I am with the challenge, today's theme is copy cat... here's my inspiration :
i didnt have much time for doing this, so I come up with this:

i somewhat messed the design but still i luv the color combi and its outcome...  and thnx Puja for the challenge .. it was lota fun.. looking forward for more in future :)


Friday, 18 May 2012

Gift Wrapping Bows: Lets Share Nail Art Challenge- Day 4

so weekend is here gals.. wht r ur plans ??  first of all thnx to all who nominated for couple of awards.. i have to post abt thm bt i m being so lazy these days.. i feel sleepy whole day :(...  am so thankful to you all nd i ll do a post very soon..

i also have to do a recent hauls post... i got  jordana, inglot nps..

coming to this post today is 4th day of the nail art challenge hosted by Puja.. i am so sad it gonna end soon :( .. the theme today is Bows.. the first thing tht came up in my mind is a gift wrapped with a satin red bow over it :) so this is wht i done:
for base i used a pink polish and thn applied 1 coat of kleancolor Firework for the chunky glittery look... i luv this np(l do a separate swatch for this one)... a red and black nail art pen, rhinestones

bows aren't looking perfect but i dont wanna take it off as its looking kinda cute on my hands..  hv u noticed tht i cut my nails short... 

i hope u all like it..


Monday, 14 May 2012

Birthday Cake NailArt: Lets Share Nail Art Challenge- Day 3

Bonjour Gals,
howz monday treating you all... I had a great weekend with lots of shopping from Inglot, Lush and BarryM... today is the third day of the Nail Art Challenge hosted by Puja... today's theme is Sweets, Toffees, Cakes, Ice Creams etc... i decided to make a birthday cake..  enjoy the pics :)

polishes i used: on ring finger- kleancolor pastel yellow(base), pastel purple(base of cake), Beauty UK in jade(top layer of cake), black, red and orange nail art pen.. on other fingers- Street Wear's rose pink as base and kleancolor pastel yellow in dots.

what would u say abt this cake..  :)


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hippo Nails: Lets Share Nail Art Challenge- Day 2

Hello Angels,
today is the second day of CuteNailStudio Lets Share Nail Art Challenge and the theme is Animals... i was so out of inspiration for the theme and cldnt decide what to paint on my nails .. yes this time i painted my nails instead of nail wheel although my nail is broken and i shldnt show thtm like this but when i saw all other painted nails i feel pity for me :(...

so gals plz bear with me... ok coming to the subject i was saying tht i cldnt decide what to make tht suited the theme best and literally i was thinking from last 2 days..  in the noon i was having hippo chips and while opening the packet suddenly i thot why not paint a hippo... ding...  here's the inspiration
and here's what i painted...
for base i used Barry M's pure turquoise and Maybelline Colorama Black and a white nail art pen
 do u like it ??


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Glitterobsession's 1000 followers international giveaway

i have entered into another giveaway hosted by on 1000 followers milestone.. prizes are just awesome.. here's the list :
        Prize 1: Revlon Whimsical & Sinful Colors Cinderella 
        Prize 2: Julep Anne, Orly Fowl Play, Revlon Scandalous, Milani Totally Cool
        Prize 3: Essie Luxeffects Collection
        Prize 4: Sally Hansen GEM crush Collection 
 enter into this giveaway here


Monday, 7 May 2012

Cute Nails Lets Share Nail Art Challenge- Day 1

Hello Dolls,
this post is very special as its about my first nail art challenge. Puja of Cute Nail Studio is hosting a very fun nail art challenge on her blog.. you can check it out HERE... according to rule today's theme is Dots... gals plz excuse me as i am doing this on nail wheel left hand's finger got hurt :(... here are the pics...
for base i used colorlife pink n blue shades.. W7 silver crackle... silver nail art pen.. rhinestone

here's my finger:
hope u all like this.. nd thnx Puja for this challenge.. :)


Thursday, 3 May 2012

NOTD n Swatch: Kleancolor Metallic Green

Hello beautiful gals,
here i am with another Kleancolor from latest haul... Metallic Green this time.. this looks like shimmery velvety carpet on my nails... see the awesomeness
its pretty opaque and needs only a single coat however i applied 2 coats for more intense color..
i stamped this with konad m63 using konad special polish in black
i hvnt used kleancolor metallics for stamping yet.. bt Kejal use to stamp with thm and the results are very good... hv u seen such awesome green ... plz share ..