Wednesday 28 December 2016

Nfu-Oh Glitter Collection Nail Polishes Swatches and Nail Art


I am writing here after a long time. I have been busy in travelling, shopping, festivities and i will be regular only after this week that means with start of new year. Today i have swatches of two Nfu-Oh polishes from their Glitter Collection along-with a nail art i did using both of them.
Nfu of glitter collection nail lacquers

Thursday 10 November 2016

Ostar Nails Chameleon Mirror Powders Review and Swatches


This post gonna be a long one with lots of pictures. If you are following me from a while you know these days i am all about these new chrome, mirror, holographic powders. Continue this trend today's post have some mesmerizing multi-chrome gel nails. 

Ostar Nails Chameleon Mirror Powder Kit has 5 different multichrome mirror powders. The Kit contains mirror top coat, mirror base, a silicon applicator and 5 multichrome powders(1gm each). I have swatched all 5 powders individually as well as posted a video about how to apply these. Please continue reading to see the swatches
ostar nails chameleon mirror powder kit

Friday 28 October 2016

Porcelain Roses


I am sharing an actual nail art after a long time here.  This manicure i created for CICI & SISI color pairing contest. The contest is about to create a nail art using CICI & SISI layerd plates (reviewed here). I came up with layered rose image nail art which is inspired from porcelain roses. Here's my manicure:
cici n sisi layered plate nail art

Thursday 27 October 2016

Holographic Gel Nails- EZ Dip Nails Deluxe HOLO Pure Kit Review


Mirror powders and holo powders are all the rage these days and i personally love them. I always wanted gel nail with strong holo effect. I know there are holographic gel polishes available in the market but the effect isn't as awesome as regular holographic polish. Thanks to these new products, we can now have strong holo effect gel nails. I have reviewed two different holo powders previously and today's post have another gorgeous holographic powder. 

This is EZ Dip Nails "HOLO Pure" holographic powder. I got it in a deluxe kit which include gel base, gel top , one gel color, five swatch sticks and an applicator along-with a 2 gm jar of holo pure holographic powder. 

Sunday 2 October 2016

Chrome Nails- Ostar Nails Mirror Snow powder kit Review


Chrome nails are on the rage these days and i cant have enough of them. Though i haven't posted much about them here but i am continuously testing different brand mirror powders and today's post is featuring my favorite mirror powders in my collection.

Ostar Nails is a Taiwan based company. They released variety of powders like holographic powders, multi chrome mirror powders, gold, silver mirror powders. I have reviewed both of their holographic powders previously(check HERE), today's post showing three of their chrome mirror powders which also come as a set "Mirror Snow Powder Kit". 
ostar nails snow mirror powder kit review

Friday 23 September 2016

Ejiubas "Holiday Series" Stamping Plate Collection - Review


Falls has officially started and temperature is going down. With fall, comes holidays and lots of pretty holiday inspired nail arts. So, today's post is featuring my first holiday manicure this year and review of this beautiful "Holiday Series" stamping plate set from Ejiubas.

This Holiday set has 2 stamping plates one is Halloween themed(EJB-04) and another is Christmas theme(EJB-03) based. Like other Ejiubas stamping plates, both of these plates are etched on both side of the plates.
Ejiubas stamping image plates

Sunday 18 September 2016

Review and Swatches: Ostar Nails Rainbow Carnival Kit(Holographic Powders)


Mirror powders and Holographic powders are so in boom these days. Every nail brand and suppliers are releasing new powder products every day. If you dont know, what i am talking about here, Mirror powders are a powder product which when applied on a gel polish base, gives a reflective chrome finish. Mirror powders avaibke currently are meant to work with gel polish only but many bloggers and testers found a way to make them work with regular polish though from the results i have seen, the powder works best with gel products only. Holographic powder, as the name suggests gives a holo finish. Today's post showing two different kind of holographic powders from the company calles Ostar Nails.
Ostar Nails Rainbow Carnival- Silver holographic powder
Ostar Nails Rainbow Carnival- Transparent holographic powder

Thursday 8 September 2016

Stamping with a Magnetic Polish- Vintage Floral Nail Art


Today's post is featuring some of new items in my nail polish stash. I recently got couple of stamping plates from Yours Cosmetics. The company is based in Netherlands and has a vast collection of stamping plates and supplies. 

Another special thing in today's manicure is that i stamped my nails with a magnetic polish from Masura. Apparently, msura magnetic polishes are opaque enough to work as a stamping polish too.
masura magnetic polish stamp

Sunday 28 August 2016

Pueen Theme Park Marble Paradise 01 Stamping Plate- Swatches and Review


Pueen recently released Theme Park Collection. This collection has 4 plates right now and these are rectangular plates have mostle full nail images. The plates are based of different themes and name of the plates are Marble Paradise 01, Visual Wonderland 01, Secret Garden 01 and Animal Safari 01. 

Today i have swatches and nail art i created with Marble Paradise 01. 

Pueen theme park marble paradise 01 stamping plate review and swatch

Monday 22 August 2016

Reverse Stamping: Moyou London Pro XL 24 Stamping Plate


Today, I am sharing one of my favorite manicure i did this year. I recently got Moyou London Pro XL 24 stamping plate and i knew what manicure i wanted to do with it first. 

moyou london pro xl 24 stamping plate

Thursday 18 August 2016

Review: Moyou London Crystal Clear Stamp & Scraper Set


This goes without saying that i love Moyou London brand. I love their stamping plates, their stamping polishes works awesome. I have tried their previous stampers sets. So i felt so happy when i got a chance to review new Crystal Clear Stamp and Scraper set

This set released few months back. The stamper has a clear see through stamper head in a matte white holder, which comes with a detachable base and a cap. There is also a scraper in the set and both stamp and scraper come in a beautiful box.
moyou london crystal clear stamper & scraper review

Saturday 13 August 2016

Review and Swatch: Moyou London Stamping Polishes


Today's post has swatches of few Moyou London stamping polishes. Moyou London releases a vast collection of stamping polishes last year. I previously swatched few of their duo tone stamping polishes. Today, I am sharing swatches of four creme shades from the collection. 

Stamping polish i am talking here are Mesa Sunrise, Cappuccino, Kiss The Frog and Fresh Basil. 

Tuesday 9 August 2016

Swatches: Kinetics Nail Systems "Rio Rio" Shield Nail Polish Collection


Today's post gonna be a long one. I have already posted these swatches on my Instagram account and i delayed posting them here only to find out about how long they stay well on the nails. So, the polishes i am here talking about are Rio Rio Shield Gel Polishes from Kinetics Nail Systems. 

Kinetics Nail Systems was founded in USA but later moved to Europe and operating from Europe since then. They have a vast collection of nail polishes. Rio Rio collection was released for summer 2016. This collection has 12 nail polishes and comes both in Solar Gel(no need of uv/led curing) and Shield(needs uv/led lamp to cure)gel formula. Shades in both formula are exactly same, only difference is that Solar Gel shades have name whereas corresponding Shield polishes have numbers. I have Rio Rio Shield collection swatches. I used Shield Gel polish base and Shield Gel polish Glossy Top for the swatches.
kinetics nail systems shield gel polish rio rio collection 

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Dual Stamping with Ejiubas Stamping


Today's post is a short one. I have done double stamping manicures previously but i never tried something like today's manicure before. This manicure has same pattern stamped with different stamping colours on a base. The difference is the second stamped image overlaps the first stamped image to give it overall dual tone or shadow effect. 
double stamping 

Thursday 14 July 2016

Review: Ejiubas Stamping Plate and NOTD

Hello everyone, 

Today's post has a unique stamping plate from a newer brand Ejiubas. Ejiubas is an online store which sells nail art, beauty and fashion products. The store was founded in 2013. I saw their stamping plates last year but because i was busy and was irregular in doing nail arts, i couldnt get hold of these beautiful plates. 

These plates are etched on both sides and that makes them unique. Currently there are 4 collection of stamping plates available on the website. Each collection has 2 stamping plates which are etched on both sides. I got the first set "wonders of life" to review. I also got their silicon nail mat along with the stamping plates. First lets look at the nail art i did using these products:
ejiubas stamping plate review

Friday 8 July 2016

Nicole Diary Water Decals Nail Arts


Today's post have some fun and easy nail arts to show. I got couple of water decals sheets from Nicole Diary. It is an Ali express store which sells nail art decoration and other nail stuff. They have an Amzon store also. I have two manicures to show today and both are using different water decals from the store. Lets have a look:
nicole diary water decals
nicole diary water decal

Tuesday 5 July 2016

Mermaid Silhouette Nail Art


I am dedicated to complete all the pending reviews as soon as i can, that is why today's post gonna be featuring another Born Pretty Store product, a stamping plate this time. I have got BPS-L021 stamping plate for review. Born pretty store's rectangular stamping plates need no introduction. Thet have been in the market from quite some time now but first lets take a look of the nail art i did using this stamping plate:
mermaid silhouette nail art

NOTD: Prom Nails


Today's nail art is all about bling and shimmers and girly. I got this set of 12 colours glitter powder from Born Pretty Store for review. From last few days i wanted to have some glitter powder and shimmer sets in my stash because they are so good for accent nails, gradients and instant party looks. 

bling nails 

Thursday 30 June 2016

Review: Born Pretty Store Ya Qin An "Elcetric Blue" Stamping Polish and NOTD


Today I am here with another Born Pretty Store product review. Last year born pretty store released a bunch of stamping polishes in different collections. Ya Qin An is one of the stamping polish collection released last year. These polishes comes in a square shape bottle and there is 18ml of the product in it. Lets first see the nail art i did with it
born pretty store stamping polish

Monday 27 June 2016

Feather Nails: Born Pretty Store Nail Foils Nail Art


I am very happy about today's manicure and how it turned out. Nail foils are hit or miss among nail artists. Foils are fun for those who do gel manicures and apply a gel top coat over foil for amazing bling. But for regular top coat users, foils are horror because they crinkle and lost their sparkle when topped with a regular top coat. Water based top coats are suitable for foils(also picture polish revolution) but i dont have any so i decided to top the foil with a gel top coat and it didn't mess the foil and that is why i am happy about this foil manicure.
multicolor feather nail foil nail art

Friday 17 June 2016

El Corazon Magic Shine Collection(partial) Review and Swatch


Today's post gonna be a long one with lots of photos because it is a swatch and review of beautiful polishes from El Corazon Magic Shine collection. This collection is one of the initial collections of El Corazon, the company added lots of new shades to the initial collection in year 2013. This collection has El Corazon Active Bio-gel formula. I have five polishes from this collection. Please keep reading to see all the swatches:
El Corazon Magic Shine Collection swatch

Thursday 9 June 2016

Picture Polish Rose


I have been on holidays to Greece and I absolutely loved it there. That's the reason i couldn't post in a while but i am back now. I have so many new thing to share here and i am hoping to post more frequently so that i can post them as soon as possible. 

Today, I have one of newly released piCture pOlish shade "Rose". It is a collaboration shade of piCture pOlish with cottonconey. The shade is described as cerise jelly scatter holo. It does look a little darker on my skintone though. Let's see the swatches and the nail art i did with it:

Monday 23 May 2016

CICI & SISI Acrylic Stamping Plate "Wedding Season" + El Corazon Magic Golden Fleece


I have been mia last week here. I did manicures but i couldn't post them. One of the reason is that i am still figuring out best time to publish the posts. Anyway, today i have a very cool stamping plate review. This is "Wedding Season" Stamping plate from CICI & SISI and this plate is cool because it is made of transparent acrylic material instead of traditional steel plates. Now on the website there are two smaller size square plates in this collection named Wedding Season 1 and Wedding Season 2. I have this one big plate because it is sample plate which is sent to bloggers/vloggers. Here's take a look:
cici & sisi wedding season acrylic stamping plate review

Saturday 14 May 2016

NOTD- Halloween In May


Quick post today, i know this looks weird to do a Halloween nail art in May but I did it for the #clairestelle8may challenge on instagram. For the manicure, i thought not to go full on scary, but something tht reminds on halloween. So, i did  a nail art imspired from halloween candies and glittery halloween party outfits. Here's the manicure:

Tuesday 10 May 2016 Review


Today, I have another product review from to share with you guys. I have done two reviews for them previously(you can click HERE and HERE to read those posts). This posts is about another stamping plate i got from them. Its hehe-024 stamping plate(this is not the original hehe plate). I have done a nail art with it and here it is:

Sunday 8 May 2016

Sunset Nails


Happy Sunday everyone. I usually don't post on Sundays and this post was supposed to be up yesterday but after a long time, it was sunny saturday here so we went to visit Bruges. Its one hour train ride from Brussels and i totally totally love that town. Anyway coming to today's manicure, this is for the third prompt(second prompt i attempted) for the #clairestelle8may challenge on instagram. For the sunset theme i decided to do a romantic sunset manicure, here's take a look.
sunset nails

Wednesday 4 May 2016



I love blogging and doing nail arts but clicking pictures and shooting videos are not that easy. I am always on a look out about how to improve photos and that is why i spent my whole day searching for new lamps, tripods and everything related to photography instead of actually writing this post. Today's manicure is showing a dotticure i did for a nail challenge at Instagram. Here's the mani:
purple dotticure

Tuesday 3 May 2016

NCLA Holos Swatches and Review


So, my nail station is finally all set up and now it is easier to do manis because earlier all my nail art products was stuffed in a big box (except from my nail polishes because they are stored in a helmer already) and i have to fish out things whenever i do a nail art. I posted a photo of the completed nail station on my instagram

Today, I have few of NCLA holographics swatches to share here. I bought 4 NCLA holos from color4nails few months back. The polishes i bought are Lightyears Ahead, Iridescent Dreams, Out of This World and Redicalist. Please click on "read more" to see the swatches.

Friday 29 April 2016

NOTD: Infinity Nails Image Plate 141


Today's manicure is featuring one of my favorite brand for stamping plates, Dashica Beauty. Dashica has quite a variety of stamping plate and very unique images. Earlier Dashica has three types of stamping plates, Dashica Big SdP, Dashica XL SdP and Dash image plates. In 2014 Dashica released a fourth line "Infinity Nails". These image plates are rectangular in shape and has a white backing. First lets take a look of the manicure i did:
pastel gradient flowers

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Lace Manicure- Born Pretty Store BP-L020 Stamping Plate


I love lace manicures, they look pretty and delicate. I have couple of lace image stamping plates but i cant get enough of them. So, I never miss a chance to get one. Today's manicure featuring yet another stamping plate from born pretty store. This is BP-L020, from their rectangular stamping plate collection. Let's see the manicure:
born pretty store bp-l020 lace stamping plate

Monday 25 April 2016

Damask Print Nails: Born Pretty Store BP-L016 Stamping Plate


Today's manicure featuring a beautiful damask print image from Born Pretty Store rectangular stamping plate. Let's look at the nailart first: 
damask print nail art

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Review: Lady


 I am here with another review post. Last year Lady Queen contacted to me for a collaboration. Lady Queen is an online store, which sell quite a variety of items from nailart to beauty, accessories and even home&garden stuff. They asked me to choose few beauty products, of-course i went with nail-art related products. I chose two hehe plates and one nail decoration wheel and i will be showing them all in coming days. 

Today, i have a nailart i did with HeHe 040 stamping plate. This is a classic round stamping plate with buffet style images. The images in this are basically watermarble and some random faces. Have a look:
lady hehe 040 stamping plate

Monday 18 April 2016

Review: Jord Wood Watch


I know I am writing after a long time but I am all settled down and back to blogging now. Today's post is quite unusual post for the blog because i have never did an accessory review post ever but I thought this will be a great post to restart my blogging. 

I have been contacted by Jord Watches about to do a review for their watch. I was a watch person in my college days but after that i kinda stopped wearing watches so when I first got the mail about reviewing a watch, i was in little dilemma that should i do that or not. I checked the website and oh- my- god, I instantly fall in love with these watches. They look so unique and chic. So, I made up my mind that i have to review them and know more about them and said yes.

I chose Sully Red Sandalwood watch. Let's take a look :

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Fun Lacquer Cheers To The Holidays(H) Swatch and Review


Today, I have gorgeous swatches to share. Singaporean nail polish brand FUN Lacquer released Christmas 2015 collection in late october 2015. This collection has six polishes, three of them are multi-chrome and the other three are holographic versions of same shades. Name of shades in the collection are Cheers to the holidays, Desire, Frost, Cheers to the holidays(H), Desire(H) and Frost(H). I bought the holographic versions from the collection and today i am sharing swatches of Cheers To The Holidays(H).
FUN Christmas 2015 collection

Fun cheers to the holidays(h) review
Cheers To The Holidays(H) is a holographic multi-chrome nail polish. It shifts colors from red, orange, purple to blue. The polish doesnt need to be layered on a black base. It is opaque in 2-3 coats. I applied three thin coats. The polish dries semi textured cause of high volume of holographic pigments, that is why it requires good amount of top coat for a smooth finish. I applied two generous coats of hk girl top coat. Colour shift in the polish is amazing as well as the holographic glitters.

Removal of the polish is easy, doesnt required foil method, a simple cotton dipped in nail polish remover is sufficient. 
FUN cheers to the holidays(h)
fun cheers to the holidays(h)
fun lacquer cheers to the holidays(h) swatch
FUN lacquer cheers to the holiday(h)
Cheers to the holidays(h) costs $12.90. It is currently unavailable at FUN Lacquer website but it might be available at distributors stores. You can find the list of authorized distributors here.

Have a nice day. 


*i have fake nail tips on for this post because my real nails are recovering  from excess buffing. Maybe you know that I am certified nail technician now and during my course I had to practise on my own nails resulted thin nails due to buffing daily. 

Saturday 9 January 2016

Born Pretty Store Rectangular Stamp Holder with Stamper Head Refill Review


Happy New Year 2016. This is my first post of 2016 and I hope i will be back to my normal blogging schedule soon. 

Today, I am reviewing rectangular stamper holder and 5pc stamper head refills from Born Pretty Store. Please continue reading to know about this product. 
Born Pretty Store Rectangular Stamper set