Tuesday 3 May 2016

NCLA Holos Swatches and Review


So, my nail station is finally all set up and now it is easier to do manis because earlier all my nail art products was stuffed in a big box (except from my nail polishes because they are stored in a helmer already) and i have to fish out things whenever i do a nail art. I posted a photo of the completed nail station on my instagram

Today, I have few of NCLA holographics swatches to share here. I bought 4 NCLA holos from color4nails few months back. The polishes i bought are Lightyears Ahead, Iridescent Dreams, Out of This World and Redicalist. Please click on "read more" to see the swatches.

NCLA holos has both scattered and linear holo effect, though linear holo is not as strong as it look in the bottle but overall these look beautiful. The formula of these NCLA holos is very nice and smooth. Opacity of the polishes are nice, the lighter shades needs two coats but the darker shades can be worn with one generous coat on medium length nails like mine, however i used two coats for all the swatches.  I applied glisten and glow hk girl top coat over all the swatches.

Lightyears Ahead is a silver holographic polish. It does have a subtle blue tone to it. This one definitely requires two coats to be completely opaque.  

Iridescent Dreams is a pink holographic polish with lavender tones. This one also requires two coats. 

Out Of This World is a purple holographic polish. The formula of this one is more opaque than the above two. If you have medium to short nail length than you can easily get away with one coat of this polish. This looking more blue n he pictures coz my camera wasnt able to capture purple colour. The first pic below is the closest match. 

Redicalist is a raspeberry to red holo. The formula of this one is same as Out of this world. This is a collaboration shade of NCLA and Pshiiit. The linear holo effect in this one is subtle than rest three. 

Overall, i like these polishes. Formula is nice, though if you are looking for strong linear holo than this is not something you will like but they are blingy and glamorous none the less. 

You can buy these for $15 each at Color4Nails

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Have a great day.