Saturday 30 August 2014



I was suppose to post this nail art yesterday but anyway. This manicure is inspired from a nail art I saw on instagram which i find out is from a fellow aussie blogger Theresa aka It's all about the polish. I just loved that mani and the color combination inspired me to do one myself. I got a packet of chevron tip guides from Born Pretty Store. So I decided to do a chevron design with same color scheme. 
chevron nail art

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Party Owls Nail Art


Today, I have a cute nail art to share, which I created for Nailpolis contest. The theme for the contest is party nails and  I decided to do some free hand party owls nail art. If you know me than you know thats its no secret that i dont do freehand often and that is why its not perfect manicure but its cute and colorful. 

party owls nail art

Monday 25 August 2014

Cirque Kontiki Collection- Midsummer Night


Today, I have gorgeous Midsummer Night from Cirque Kontiki Collection. This collection has three summer inspired jelly polishes with multi dimensional shimmer. I won this collection in a giveaway hosted by The PolishAholic

Friday 22 August 2014

Stamping Test of El Corazon Active Bio-Gel Prisma Collection


In my last post I shared swatches of El Corazon Prisma polishes(see post). These polishes are very opaque and most of them need only one coat. So, I tested if they stamp or not and here are the results:
stamping with el corazon prisma polishes
el corazon prisma polish collcetion

Wednesday 20 August 2014

El Corazon Active Bio-Gel Nail Polish Prisma Collection Swatches


Today I am here with another El Corazon polish collection. Its no secret that I like El Corazon polishes, they are great  formulas, stays well and this collection is no exception. Prisma collection has total twenty polishes which got released over the period of few months. I have eight of them to show you today.

***picture heavy***
el corazon active bio-gel nail polish prisma collection

Friday 15 August 2014

Happy Independence Day India !!!


Happy Independence Day to all my lovely Indian followers.

Today is 68th Independence Day of India. To celebrate this special occasion I did a manicure dedicated to India. This nailart is inspired from color of Tiranga(national flag of India). 
Indian Independence Day

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Emily De Molly Stamping Plate 04 + Splodging Nail art


I joined Simples challenge to brush up my skills. You can check the details here. This is week 9 for the challenge and the theme is "Splodging". I recently bought Emily de Molly plates and I am just fascinated with EDM 04 plate.It has peacock and peacock feather images. 

So, I decided to do a splodging base with peacock colors i.e. purple, blue, green, golden. Here is my final manicure. 
Emily De Molly nail art

Thursday 7 August 2014

NOTD: Moustache Nails


Today, I actually have two nail arts to share.  I wanted to do a Moustache nail art and I created two different looks with same color scheme. I couldn't decide which one is looking better so I decided to share them both and ask you guys.  Here are they: 

Look 1:
moustache nail art

Monday 4 August 2014

Water-marble Manicure for Friendship Day


I hope you all had a great weekend. This weekend was special because we celebrated International Nail Art Day on 2nd August and Friendship Day on 3rd August. I did manicures for both of the days. Today I am sharing my friendship day manicure, I will share my INAD manicure in another post. 

Few days back, in a FB group I gave a challenge to Diana to do a  "stamping nail art over a base of  watermarble of three colors" and she did a fabulous job(you an check that here). If you are a nail art enthusiast than you may know that doing a water marble isn't piece of cake and I felt little bad for giving a tough theme. So, I decided to do a water marble manicure too. Here is my mani. 
water marble nail art 

Friday 1 August 2014

Picture Polish Aurora


Today I have another pretty from Picture Polish. Aurora is a limited edition polish which launched back in march/april 2014. I was in UK that time as soon as it got available there I bought it. 

There is many swatches around for this polish but I cant stop myself from sharing my swatches as this polish is outstanding and believe me none of the swatch do justice, it is way more fabulous in person than swatches. 

This gonna be a picture heavy post.
Picture Polish Aurora