Nail That Technique Challenge

Hello Everyone, 

So here is the list of themes/dates for the challenge.

We will extend the challenge with new themes once we come closer to end of this first phase. 

The challenge is to help you to try techniques you have never tried and master those you already did, so absolutely no cheating with themes. If it says "gradient" that means hardcore sponge gradient, not with brush and acrylic colors :D. You can however make your own tool or products necessary for the theme if you dont have them, like sheer polishes. 

We will post the challenge themes, month by month.  Every third week, we will post the challenge themes for next month. 

This challenge is open for everyone,  so please feel free to share the challenge image on your social media, for more people to join.

This is a weekly challenge, that means you can do and post your manicure anytime in that week. You can even do as many nail arts on that week's theme as you like.

You can post your nail art on instagram with hashtag #nailthattechnique

Hope we all will push ourselves to attempt new things. 

Have fun. 

March 2015

INLINKZ for March Challenge:
Mar 2- Mar 8 : Dry Brush
Mar 9- Mar 15: Scaled Gradient
Mar 16- Mar 22 : Negative Space
Mar 23- Mar 29 : Newspaper Print
Mar 30- Apr 5 :  Pond Mani

February 2015
Feb 1- Feb 8 : Blobbicure    
9th Feb- 15th Feb : Syrup gradient
16th Feb- 22th Feb : Sheer Base 
23rd Feb- 1st Mar : Reverse Stamping (aka stamping decals)

INLINKZ for February Challenge:
Feb 1- Feb 8 : Blobbicure
9thFeb- 15th Feb : Syrup gradient
16thFeb- 22th Feb : Sheer Base
23rdFeb- 1st Mar : Reverse Stamping