Thursday 11 May 2023

Kads Flower 066 Stamping Plate + Persimmon Nail Polish



Today I am sharing a nail art i did using KADS nail art products. I received couple of stamping plates, stamping polishes and regular nail polish from KADS to review.

KADS nailart is am online store which sells all kinda nail products. The products costs reasonable and the quality of the stuff is good. I tried couple of KADS stamping plates previously and i was happy with the results. Let's have a look at today's mani:

flower nail art
The base is called Persimmon which is a medium brown with yellow undertone and has gold flakes in it. I applied 2 coats for this nail art and it was pretty opaque though if you have longer nails then it can take more than 2 coats. I like that how you don't have to fish for gold flakes.

Over this base I applied one coat of KADS Iridescent top coat. This top coat has mix of holographic round glitters of different size in shades of red, yellow, pink and sometimes green. I will try to do a separate post on this top coat because it will be so much fun to try it on different base. 
The stamping plate is their new release. Flower 066 has very spring/summer appropriate flower images. It has a mix of full nail, individual and half nail images. It come with a sleeve and two protective blue films. 
kads stamping plate flower 066 and nail polish persimmon
kads nail polish persimmon
kads stamping plate

One thing I noticed is that if you have very long nails then the full-nail images can be small for your nail size but other than that I like everything about this stamping plate(price: €2,78). Persimmon(price: €4,50) is such a unique color, i am usually not a fan of shades of brown but i think this shade suits me and i like how packed it is with gold flakes. The top coat which costs €4,57 and i will try to do another post on it. 

Checkout the link below if you want to buy these products: 
KADS flower 066 stamping plate-  here 
Nail polish Persimmon-  here
Iridescent top coat- here

Hope you find this post helpful. 
Have a good day.