Monday 30 April 2012

Tutorial:Pink Frenchtip Nailart for short nails

quick post.. shalini requested to do a tute of pink french tip dotted nails.. Shalini i did this tute on nail wheel .. hope u dont mind .. although the width of the tip is bigger as the wheel nails are very bigger is size so u can adjust the width as u like...
things which ll b needed: 
- base pink color polish: maybelline colorama sexy
- green and white nail art pen (if u dont have u can even use regular green and white polishes)
- french tip guides (optional)
- dotting tool and base and top coats

First apply a base coat or french pink base coat to ur nail then make 2 coats of pink french tip using either guide or freehand( i did it free hand)
 when it get dry completely apply a green nail art pen on the border of french tip if u dnt hav a green nail art pen thn u can also apply regular green polish using a painting brush
after tht using a dotting tool or a white nail art pen make small dots on pink part .. 
finally apply a top coat nd ur done.

hope this helps..


Nail Polish Tag !!!

Hello pals,
I am tagged by Neha of  beautiliciousblogger to answer some nail polish related questions... First of all thnx Neha for tagging me in :)...  so the rules are: 
i) answer the questions
ii) tag 1 nail polish lover

m so excited to answer d question, here's me with my answers:
1.What's your favorite nail polish company ?
   Barry M

2.Glitter or no Glitter ?
  if u ask me this questions few months back i wld say no glitter but now i am in love with glitters.. <3 <3
3.OPI, China Glaze or Essie ?
   OPI, Chian Glaze, Essie

4.When do you change your nail polish ?
   in 2 days..:)

5.What's your favorite color on your nails ?
    nything colorful(red, pink , yellow, orange, blue , teal, mint, etc etc ... )

6. Darks or brights ?

7. What are you wearing on your nails right at this moment ?
     this bt m gonna change it in half an hour :)

8.Matte nails in or out ?
  matte absolutely in

9.French manicure ?
   ofcourse in love with reverse french more these days.

10.Favorite summer colors ?
     pastels n neon  (extremes :D :D )

Now, i have to tag one absolute  polish lover so i am tagging Kejal of NailArtandThings.. 

hope u all enjoyed this post


Sunday 29 April 2012

swatch n NOTD: Kleancolor Twinkly Love + Orly Green with Envy

Hello Gals,
hope u all enjoying ur weekend.. me started swatching my new polishes from latest haul :))... so here's me with Twinkly Love which i applied on Orly miniature Green with Envy ..  Green with Envy is 2 coat cream smwhere between teal n green.. nd i am recommending this polish to everyone as this is such a beautiful color. i havnt painted my toes with this yet bt m sure it will brighten thm up too...the only problem i found in this is its brush size which is very small for my nails...  i wish if v have full size Orly polishes here in India...
(plz plz excuse me for such bad picturization bt i cldnt capture the right color.. itz looking more bluish in this pic bt believe its nowhere near this color.. its on teal green side)
i  did a little sponging work on this with Beauty UK's Jade nd thn applied Kleancolor Twinkly Love on it..Twinkly Love is a clear gel with tiny silver, pink and blue hearts... i so luved this <3 <3 <3
 this is with single coat of twinkly love

(with 2 coats)
it needs at-least 45 min of complete drying time as the 2 coats application make the whole base after tht u are good to go

my hubby is all flattened on this nd hope u all like this too..


Friday 27 April 2012

Kleancolor and Orly Mega Haul

Hello Beauties,
today i am so happy to write this post as this a haul post .. and we all love hauls more thn nything else :happy:
i recently did Kleancolor haul from Beauty Joint  which is inspired by Kejal and a mini Orly haul from StyleCraze.

about kleancolor i placed order on BJ website and chose first class delivery option bt on the very same day i cm to knw that one of my frnd is coming to India, so i requested the BJ ppl to change my delivery address to US address and thy were so helpful nd did the same.. so my frnd got it in 2 days and hence i got my parcel in roughly 5 days :)) isnt tht awesome :))... i bought some metallic, pastels, glitters and holos ...the pics:

(from L-R Metallic Purple, Metallic Green, Metallic Fuchsia, Pastel Purple, Pastel Yellow, Mango, Twinkly Love,Starry Purple, Firework, Chunky Holo Fuchsia, Chunky Holo Black)
(Chunky Holo Fuchsia and Chunky Holo Black)
 (Starry Purple, Twinkly Love, Firework)
(Pastel Purple, Pastel Yellow, Mango)

(Metallic Purple, Green, Fuchsia) 

 Coming to StyleCraze Orly Haul, i purchased 5 Orly miniature polishes, i was eying on thm from a long time.. thy cm into very tiny bottle of 5ml and costs around INR 269 each.. along with these i bought Faces long wear eye pencil in purple( now i can see i bought many purples :D :D)
(L-R Oh Cabana Boy, Green With Envy, Orange Sorbet, Lemonade, Hype)
Oh cabana boy and orange sorbet are a little disappointment for me as i thought thy are cream neon bt thy actually are shimmery neon :(  bt ok thy r nt tht bad 
gt this tiny tiniest Pond's Moisturizing Cold Cream as a gift from style craze

so tht's all for this haul .. i have some more haul posts coming up of nail art and stuffs and some sleek palettes..  soon be swatching all of them ..which polishes u liked most and wanted me to swatch first.. do comment..


Wednesday 25 April 2012

NOTD - Pink Frenchtip Nailart for short nails

Hello Beauties,

as  promised , i am here with a post for short nails nail art.. many ppl thinks tht nail art is not their cup of tea as they have short nail bt  in my opinion short nails also looks cute if  maintained properly and even nail art can be done to make them look longer.. last week my cutest sis in this world visited my place.. she has short nails and thts y she didnt want ny nail art to be done on nails bt as i am stubbornest person in the whole family (so mean  I am :P).. so she agree to do a nail art on her nails ..nd she loves the outcome.. i chose to do a pink french tip with white dots as thy look classy yet elegant.. 
konad base coat, base color: maybelline colorama sexy, green n white nail art pen, top coat 
i ll do one more post with full painted nail art design for short nail soon.. 

hope u all like it ... do u also agree with me tht even short nails are meant for nail art .. plz share ur views


Monday 23 April 2012

Grey n Black nails with Silver Stripes NOTD

another Monday .. i am quite excited for this week as one of a dear frnd is coming from US nd with him my Kleancolor beuatyjoint haul.. yes i did a recent haul from Beauty Joint and when i come to know tht my frnd is coming to India, i requested the BJ ppl to change my shipping address so that i can get it earlier.. yayyyyy!!!...  ok so coming to this NOTD ..  i wanted to do something with grey n black polishes and combibnation of matte and shimmery..  so landed to this..

polishes that i used are:  grey n silver from colorlife, black from colorama
i applied matte top coat to grey polish(which i cldnt capture properly in pics) as i wanted to make a combination of half matte and half shiny

i took the pics very closely thts y its looking a lil messy :(
hope u all like it.. soon m going to do a post abt nail arts for short nails.. plz share what u wanna see more at CrazyPolishes ..


Monday 16 April 2012

Tutorial: Half Moon Manicure

i had wonderful weekend with my bro,sis,cousins n frnds .. played xbox, cards.. had our favs in meals and homemade vanilla mocha ice-creams... :) wht else u can expect from a summer-y weekend... it was like school days are back feeling.. coming to our subject .. i was wearing this half moon or reverse french manicure whole weekend... i was so impressed with it so i thought to do a tute for it..

half moon mani can be done using various thing like reinforcement binder stickers, french tip guides, nail art pens and i even tried it with XL size bindi :D :D....  but for this tute i used nail art pen.. Here's what i used:
first apply a base coat and then 2 coats of yellow polish.. u dont need to apply yellow polish throughout the nail coz u just want it to be perfect near ur nail origin area.. like this:
then using a black nail art pen draw a half ellipse at the bottom of your nail and applied 2 coats of black polish using curve as border
when the coats get dry completely make white dots on the black part of the nail using a white nail art pen or toothpick or dotting tool whatever available to u

when it get dry make small yellow dots over the white dots
finally apply a top coat and you are done
since when i bought my matte polisher i cant resist myself from applying it to every mani.. so i applied to this nail art too
hv u also tried half moon... and how do u like to spend ur weekends in summers.. 
hope u all like it.. i wld luv to hear from u all and plz become a member of my blog if u like it ..


Thursday 12 April 2012

NOTD: Nyx Flaky NP 37 Pink Avenue

hello everybody,
flaky polishes needs no introduction as they are already luv of everyone... bt again its very tough to find flakies in India.. thnx to NYX and Inglot for introducing us to flakies... i got this pretty NYX flaky few time back i guess for INR 350/- .. its called NP 37 Pink Avenue although i cldnt see any pink color in it .. its more orange to green to blue. enjoy  the pics:
single coat
okay i applied it to various base colors bt it looked best with a black base.
it looks very sheer on yellow base .. in the pics u cant even see the flakes..
the pics aren't justifying the flakes very well as it is more visible and vibrant in person.. i ll try to upload a gud pic of this..

do u also love flakies or have them in other brands.. plz share so that all of us can get some gr8 flakies available in India...


Wednesday 11 April 2012

My First Magnetic Polish

Magnetic polishes are all over the web now a days but the sad thing is these are not available at least online in India yet .. i am still waiting for my CG magnetix and i ordered a magnetic polish from Born Preety Store as well which i got earlier thn CG magnetix. As soon as i got the parcel i opened it up and applied polish... results are not as desired bt i was happy to actually use it and see the magnetic effect. Here are the first look:

i actually need more practice..

i cldnt get gr8 results..  it showed almost perfectly on my thumb bt smhw refuses to show up on index.. i moved my middle finger while putting the magnet on hence the result u cn see..another reason may be that my finger nails are more curvier thn my thumb nail ..

I applied single coat of the polish on all the nails and let it settle for a while thn apply a thicker coat on a single nail and immediately put the magnet stick over it for 15 secs.. i havnt applied top and base coat here as i was in so hurry to use it bt both of thm are desirable as the magnetic polishes are little tough to remove thn the regular polish..

overall i am pleased with this as this is my first magnetic polish and i have nothing to compare it with... so if u just want to try a magnetic u can buy this one as it is not very expansive as compared to other magnetic polishes..

Do u have magnetic polishes .. plz share about the results..


Monday 9 April 2012

7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty Tag ...

Hola galz,
writing this up after a long time..  my in-laws cm to my place last week so cldnt find time to write nything... first of all i got my first ever giveaway prize which was organized by Shalini of be beautilicious.. i totally luv tht Satya Paul clutch.. ll upload pics soon ... second i got tagged by Shalini and Suma...

I will TAG 7 beauty bloggers...  and then they have to tag next 7 (Its optional but would be fun if they do)...  first the questions:

Q. What is your most inexpensive beauty product you love and why?
A. my Colorlife nail colors(just for INR 25/- and 35/-) and i totally love them coz thy have wide range of colors as well as thy r pretty good staying power too.
Q. What is your most expensive beauty product you love and why?
A. Essie Matte about you top coat (INR 546/-) .. i guess for a top coat this one is overpriced.. but i luv it coz it gives an instant matte effect to any polish or color i want and  i dont hv to buy individual matte polishes..saved my money.
Q. Which beauty product you have love and hate relationship with? Name it.
A. Lipgloss... i sometime luv wearing thm smtime i just hate them bcoz of sticky feeling.. i use to wear thm 5-6 months back bt currently i am more towards Lipstick-y person.
Q. What is your most delicious beauty product?
A. Sally Hansen lip color.. it hv minty- rosey fragrance... whenever i apply it i feel like eating it ..
Q. Which product do you neglect due to laziness?
A. Face Packs.. i m too lazy to apply nd thn wait for thm to dry...

Q. What beauty product makes you feel confident?
A. chambor art eye pencil in black and a lipstick..
Q. What traits you find attractive in opposite sex?
A. hmmm.. What traits i find attractive in opposite sex  would be honesty , intelligence, if he also luv to exploring new places thts more thn enough...
Q. What items you would like to receive as a gift?
A. everything... i luv them all.... :D ... bt if sm1 gift me a card or balloons(specially the helium balloons)..  i cant explain how much tht makes me happy... :)) ok my hubby would be reading this too so honey i luv cosmetics, jewellery , footwear, bags and above all holidays trips :) 

Now time to pass the TAG. I would like to TAG
 2.  Rakhshanda from
 4.  Puja from
 5.  Preethi from   
 6.  Emm from
 7.  Vertika from
i guess i did everything right.... ok so now m back with lots of manis and swatches :)

Sunday 1 April 2012

Glam Polish's 1300 Follower Giveaway - China Glaze Summer Neons

hello beauties,
another exciting giveaway by Glam Polishes.. Luv the summer neons... click here to enter.