Monday 16 April 2012

Tutorial: Half Moon Manicure

i had wonderful weekend with my bro,sis,cousins n frnds .. played xbox, cards.. had our favs in meals and homemade vanilla mocha ice-creams... :) wht else u can expect from a summer-y weekend... it was like school days are back feeling.. coming to our subject .. i was wearing this half moon or reverse french manicure whole weekend... i was so impressed with it so i thought to do a tute for it..

half moon mani can be done using various thing like reinforcement binder stickers, french tip guides, nail art pens and i even tried it with XL size bindi :D :D....  but for this tute i used nail art pen.. Here's what i used:
first apply a base coat and then 2 coats of yellow polish.. u dont need to apply yellow polish throughout the nail coz u just want it to be perfect near ur nail origin area.. like this:
then using a black nail art pen draw a half ellipse at the bottom of your nail and applied 2 coats of black polish using curve as border
when the coats get dry completely make white dots on the black part of the nail using a white nail art pen or toothpick or dotting tool whatever available to u

when it get dry make small yellow dots over the white dots
finally apply a top coat and you are done
since when i bought my matte polisher i cant resist myself from applying it to every mani.. so i applied to this nail art too
hv u also tried half moon... and how do u like to spend ur weekends in summers.. 
hope u all like it.. i wld luv to hear from u all and plz become a member of my blog if u like it ..