Monday 30 April 2012

Nail Polish Tag !!!

Hello pals,
I am tagged by Neha of  beautiliciousblogger to answer some nail polish related questions... First of all thnx Neha for tagging me in :)...  so the rules are: 
i) answer the questions
ii) tag 1 nail polish lover

m so excited to answer d question, here's me with my answers:
1.What's your favorite nail polish company ?
   Barry M

2.Glitter or no Glitter ?
  if u ask me this questions few months back i wld say no glitter but now i am in love with glitters.. <3 <3
3.OPI, China Glaze or Essie ?
   OPI, Chian Glaze, Essie

4.When do you change your nail polish ?
   in 2 days..:)

5.What's your favorite color on your nails ?
    nything colorful(red, pink , yellow, orange, blue , teal, mint, etc etc ... )

6. Darks or brights ?

7. What are you wearing on your nails right at this moment ?
     this bt m gonna change it in half an hour :)

8.Matte nails in or out ?
  matte absolutely in

9.French manicure ?
   ofcourse in love with reverse french more these days.

10.Favorite summer colors ?
     pastels n neon  (extremes :D :D )

Now, i have to tag one absolute  polish lover so i am tagging Kejal of NailArtandThings.. 

hope u all enjoyed this post