Wednesday 11 April 2012

My First Magnetic Polish

Magnetic polishes are all over the web now a days but the sad thing is these are not available at least online in India yet .. i am still waiting for my CG magnetix and i ordered a magnetic polish from Born Preety Store as well which i got earlier thn CG magnetix. As soon as i got the parcel i opened it up and applied polish... results are not as desired bt i was happy to actually use it and see the magnetic effect. Here are the first look:

i actually need more practice..

i cldnt get gr8 results..  it showed almost perfectly on my thumb bt smhw refuses to show up on index.. i moved my middle finger while putting the magnet on hence the result u cn see..another reason may be that my finger nails are more curvier thn my thumb nail ..

I applied single coat of the polish on all the nails and let it settle for a while thn apply a thicker coat on a single nail and immediately put the magnet stick over it for 15 secs.. i havnt applied top and base coat here as i was in so hurry to use it bt both of thm are desirable as the magnetic polishes are little tough to remove thn the regular polish..

overall i am pleased with this as this is my first magnetic polish and i have nothing to compare it with... so if u just want to try a magnetic u can buy this one as it is not very expansive as compared to other magnetic polishes..

Do u have magnetic polishes .. plz share about the results..