Thursday 27 November 2014

ILNP Mutagen(H) + Moyou Kaleidoscope 04 Stamping Plate


Today, I have another I Love Nailpolish(ILNP) beauty, Mutagen(H). Mutagen(H) is holographic version of ILNP Mutagen which is a part of ultra chromes collection. 

Mutagen(H) is a green metallic linear holographic, multi chrome polish which shifts from  green, to dark green. golden brown to blue to even purple in some angles.  I apllied two coats of the polish on its own and top coat. It is little streaky but top coat evens out most of it. Dries fast and sparkle up under sun or direct light. 

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Thanksgiving Nail Art


Today's manicure is inspired from Thanksgiving. Though we dont celebrate it in India neither I know more about this holiday still I love the idea of family and friends getting together and having a great meal. Also, this is the first time that I did a nail art for this holiday. So, here is my nail art: 
thanksgiving nail art

Thursday 20 November 2014

ILNP Birefringence(H) Review Part 2- Water Spotted Nail Art


Yesterday I swatched and reviewed ILNP Birefringence (H)(see post).  Today I am sharing a nail art and a video tutorial I created with the polish.  
ILNP Birefringence(H) nail art

Wednesday 19 November 2014

ILNP Birefringence (H) Swatch and Review- Part 1


Multichrome polishes are no doubt very popular these days and they have every right to be. Any multichrome polish lover's polish collection cant be complete without few ILNP multichrome pretties  in their collection. So I got a chance to buy some ILNP multichromes. I bought  Birefringence (H), Mutagen (H) and Abundance(see photo). This and next posts are dedicated to Birefringence (H). This post has swatches and review of Birefringence (H) and the part 2 will have a nail art i did with it.(see part 2).
ILNP Birefringence (H)

Friday 14 November 2014

Fall Bokeh Nail Art and Instagram Gieaway!!


It feels so weird to have spring/summer in November-December if you have spent last thirty fall/winter in these months. Well that's a big change if you shift from northen hemisphere to southern. Since fall manicures are everywhere on the internet, so i thought I should do one too, so what if we are having spring here :) and also it will make me try my untried barry m autumn/fall gelly collection.(picture here). 

Here is my fall manicure: 
fall nail art

Wednesday 12 November 2014



I love Barry M Gelly collection, these polishes are super opaque, very shiny and many of them stamps very well. I bought a lots of them when i was in UK. Every season they add new shades to the collection and continuing it, they released fall gelly polishes. I am lucky to got these beauties(see Instagram) as they are tough to get here in Australia(wish they start shipping here). Today, I  am sharing a nail art I did with barry m Chai. 
moyou hipster collection 05 stamping plate

Monday 10 November 2014

Wildlife Nail Art


This is certainly a shopping season for nail community. Every week something new releasing and last two week been very harsh on my bank account. I placed several orders and they started coming last friday. Keep in touch on my Instagram account to see my haul pics. So, the whole point of the rant is that bundle monster also released CYO 2014(create your own) stamping plate set few days back and I received it within six days. This is my first manicure with it. 

I am not regular in doing 52 Weeks Pick n Mix challenge but the good thing about this challenge is that, its not compulsory to do all the themes. This week's theme is "Animals-Wild or Yellow". In an other facebook group the challenge theme is wildlife, so I decided to do a wildlife manicure for both the challenge and here it is: 
wildlife nail art

Friday 7 November 2014

Picture Polish Moscow and a Negative Space Water-marble Manicure


Today's post is about a newly released Picture Polish shade, Moscow. Moscow is Picture Polish collaboration shade with Sasha Plein.  As the name suggests, the polish is inspired from sparkling city Moscow, read here to know more about the inspiration behind the shade. 
picture polish moscow

Monday 3 November 2014

Movember Inspired Nail Art!!ang


Today's nail art is inspired from and supporting Movember.  Movember is an anual event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, depression and other male cancers. I did a mustache nail art to support the cause and here it is: 
movember inspired nail art