Thursday 27 November 2014

ILNP Mutagen(H) + Moyou Kaleidoscope 04 Stamping Plate


Today, I have another I Love Nailpolish(ILNP) beauty, Mutagen(H). Mutagen(H) is holographic version of ILNP Mutagen which is a part of ultra chromes collection. 

Mutagen(H) is a green metallic linear holographic, multi chrome polish which shifts from  green, to dark green. golden brown to blue to even purple in some angles.  I apllied two coats of the polish on its own and top coat. It is little streaky but top coat evens out most of it. Dries fast and sparkle up under sun or direct light. 

I did a geometric stamping nail art using Moyou Kaleidoscope 04 stamping plate and right angle nail vinyls from

Hope you like this nail art. You can buy Mutagen(h) from I love nailpolish website.

Have a great day.