Friday 7 November 2014

Picture Polish Moscow and a Negative Space Water-marble Manicure


Today's post is about a newly released Picture Polish shade, Moscow. Moscow is Picture Polish collaboration shade with Sasha Plein.  As the name suggests, the polish is inspired from sparkling city Moscow, read here to know more about the inspiration behind the shade. 
picture polish moscow
Moscow is described as deep maroon bijou holo polish. Bijou holo is described as a mix of small delicate holo particles and colored flecks. Well, this is something new, no wonder this polish looks amazing. I find shade purple-ish maroon, its a shade darker than it looking here in the above picture but yes purple is definitely there. The below picture is more accurate.

It looks gorgeous in shade as well as when light hit it. You can see subtle fleck-y holo sparkle. This is definitely most gorgeous polish I have, even my husband complimented the shade. 

Another great thing about the polish is that it's very opaque and you can easily go with only a single coat. Applying a second coat, makes the shade look darker. Though it dries shiny, but top coat brings out the best.  I used two thin coats and top coat for following pictures.

picture polish moscow
picture polish moscow
Good thing about Picture Polish nail polishes is they works perfect for water-marbling. I did a negative space water-marble manicure with Moscow. I applied a matte coat on it and absolutely love the result.
negative space water-marble nail art
negative space nail art
watermarble nail art
Here is a picture with a glossy top coat. 
negative space watermarble nail art
Moscow is available on Picture Polish website. You can also check it out on picture polish distributors websites to find most suitable one for you.

Hope you like the negative space watermarble and Moscow is in your wishlist now ;) 

Have a great weekend.