Friday 15 May 2015

Fun Lacquer Million Dollar Dream and Twinkled T Paisley Cyclone Nail Vinyls

Today’s manicure is featuring nail art products I fell in love with. I am not a glitter polish loving person.  I like wearing them once in a while but that’s like once in months, therefore I hardly buy glitter polishes now but when I saw FUN Lacquer Million Dollar Dream, I fell in love with it. This is without a doubt most gorgeous golden glitter polish ever. Fun Lacquer later released a holographic version too but I liked original one more. Here’s the manicure I did using Million Dollar Dream(MDD).
Fun Lacquer million dollar dream

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Nail That Technique Challenge- "Glitter Tint"


Today I am sharing another manicure i did for Nail That Technique's April month theme. I did a glitter tint nail art few months back(see here) and i loved how it turned out. So, i was pretty excited to try it again. 

Glitter tint nail art is a technique where color tint polishes are applied either randomly or in a pattern over a silver glitter base. Here is my complete manicure. Keep reading to see the glitter tint base.
glitter tint nail art

Friday 1 May 2015

Dreamy Gradient and Chevrons


Today's manicure i did for Nail That Technique Challenge theme "Advanced Gradient" but i couldnt post it on time. Advanced gradient is categorized as "not traditional gradient". In typical gradient nail arts,
the gradient is created from top to bottom or vice versa. Advanced gradient is where the gradient is created in some kinda shape.

For this manicure, i did an oval shape gradient and stamped the base, finally finished the manicure with balancing chevron accent. Here's my manicure: 
advanced gradient nail art