Tuesday 20 November 2012

Holo Holoo Holooooo !!! Color Club Angel Kiss + Born Pretty Store Water Decals

Hi Chics, 
howz everything going.. this post should be posted yesterday nd i had photos ready 2 days before but whole time i was so sleepy and lazy that clouldn't write. I got my Color Club Halo Hues few days back and I am in love with them. Formula is great holographic effect is perfect in 2 coats and cheaper that other holographic nail polishes, what else could i ask for. 

So, here i am with Angel Kiss
 in flash.. no sunlight these days :(
Angel Kiss is a sea green linear holo.. 
in natural light
 isn't it gorgeous.. 

I decided to put on some water decals which i got from Born Pretty Store some time back.

These decals are quick and easy and really are savior for those who love nail arts but scar to do one.
the last pic is taken in lightbox.. yeah i finally i set my light box.. although i need few camera and placement adjustment but i am sure that wil not be a big issue :)

These decals can be bought from here
price: $4.31- ~$4.73
Born Pretty Store ships international free.

Also, you can use code CPL91 at checkout to get additional 10% off to your basket.

Please do comment and tell me do you also  in love with holo  polishes.. 



  1. wow these look gorgeous.. :) love

  2. Awesome holo!!!!! So badly want!!!

    1. Kej aal of them worth buying... i bought 5 except the silver one and each one of them is gorgeous.. :)

  3. Amazzingg! I love the holo, with water decals on top so so pretty!

    Jazz x

  4. Love the polish and nail art Dimpal :)

  5. So pretty!! I love holo polishes so much x

  6. Love these decals...and I am nuts for this line of holos from CC - I just bought another full set at a marked up price since it's all sold out now for a friend who is so eager to get it...I am excited to see if the holos 2013 from ChG collection will be as good as these from CC are.

    1. i knw exactly wht u saying ... these are just awesome and worth every penny.. lets wait CG holos :)