Thursday 8 November 2012

NOTD: Weather Forecast Nails

 Hi Chicas,
Fall/Winters knocked the doors and its time to take out all boots and coats out of the cupboard :)..
Sun is being so lazy these days and its all cloudy and rainy out, so I decided to do a  rainy weather forecast manicure.
base: Barry m Blueberry ice-cream
stamping polish: Moyou Black
stamping plate: Snowwhite-Weather Forecast plate

I bought this plate from Nailways few time back and i like the inspiration of this plate. 
 Please excuse my fingers , you know i applied heena few days back and finally its fading hence this pale color around my nails.

 one more thing in my previous post i told you that i applied falsies however after 3-4 days i get bored so i removed them but then my broken nail hasn't been grown enough so i again applied falsies, this time on tips only.

Here's the shot of image plate:

You can buy this plate here.
Hope you like this manicure.. please do comment and please excuse the heena... now it definitely making it  look messy :( 



  1. Awesome stamping plate and great stamping girl! Love this mani

  2. Lovely mani..:)
    quiet interesting !!

  3. That's a fab plate, i love the designs. Your stamping has turned out so sharp!

  4. Nice mani!!
    For a sec I was wondering :O what happ to ur hands..and then I realised thats mehendi! LOLzz!

    1. hehe i knew koi to sochega hi kya ho gya yeh :D :D

  5. Cute - now if we only had weather that was anything but HOT where I live right now would make rest of my year - know I will eat my words when it's in the 30's and the house is freezing 'cause it's build for only that 55-70 degree temp range - it fries in the heat and freezes in inside in the house. Whatever...I so cannot wait for just a change from the blast furnace we have been living in. Cannot recall a fall where the heat went on this long this high of temps only to break for a few days, then it's back again - ugh. Bring on the rain!

  6. very cute plates, and I love that Barry M polish, very nice color.