Friday 30 November 2012

Review: ENAS- Easy Nail Art Stamp, A new way to Stamp

Hello Lovelies, 

Nail Stamping is fun to do but some time its not a joyride with all the headache of cleaning scrapper stamper every time, problem is picking up images etc etc.  So,today I am here with a new stamping style. 

Easy Nail Art Stamp is a new way of stamping your nails.  The set looks like: 
The set comes with a rubber stamper which has engraved design on it, 2 stamping polishes and a wooden popsicle stick.
The instruction to use the kit are mentioned on the back of the packaging.

How to use this set: 
this set is really very easy to use. The stamp has two sides, one is  metal base with corresponding design printed and other is rubber side which actually has engraved design to stamp(shown tight in below pic)

Instructions are simple:
1. apply your base color and let it dry completely. After that apply stamping polish over the image, you want to stamp with( marked as 1 in above picture).
2. Lightly dab the stamper 5-6  time on a piece of paper to get rid of excess polish on the stamper ( marked as 2 in above picture).  After that you can clean any unwanted polish remaining on the sides on stamp using the wooden stick.
3.Now press the stamp on your nail for few seconds. The stamp will transfer on your nail(marked as 3). 
4. Finally apply top coat.

Her's the final look:
 Above pics are with no top. Love the effect.

With top coat. 

This pink ENAS stamping  polish is perfect. I did try this over black base and stamped very well. You can create multicolor images in a single go using ENAS kit. I will write a post on that later.

Overall, I am happy with the kit and its uses. Perfect for beginners and for those who doesnt like normal stamping mess. These polishes and stampers are also available separately.

i have tried all the images on this stamper and they turned out great, however i am not sure of full nail stamps.

ENAS kit can be buy from here
You can also contact ENAS on Facebook

Please do share what you think about this or your experience. 


(**this product was sent to me for review, but i am honest with my views about it.)

Monday 26 November 2012

Swatch: Kawaii Nail Lacquer Br Ba

Hola Chics, 
How are you all. I went mia last week , Idont know what actually happened  but i was litlle busy in one or two things  bt anyway i am back :) 

Today, again spreading some indie love, I am, showing you Kawaii Nail Lacquer Br Ba. 

 Br Ba is a green base polish having medium white hex. Its a part of Breaking Bad collection. 
When i saw this polish i just know that i want it, maybe its simplicity of glitters or green white combination, there was something which attracted me and when i applied i felt i was right, this is gorgeous.

Here's 2 coats of Br Ba over green base. 
This polish is beautiful and can be wear on its own but i did small fishing for glitters and also arranged them a little on my nails.
Kawaii Polishes are all three free, and this one is for $6 which is quite reasonable.
They do ship international which is definately a plus international shipping charges are $6 for single product and $3 with other products.

You can check thier etsy store HERE
You can also contact them on Facebook.


(this product is bought by myself. )

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Holo Holoo Holooooo !!! Color Club Angel Kiss + Born Pretty Store Water Decals

Hi Chics, 
howz everything going.. this post should be posted yesterday nd i had photos ready 2 days before but whole time i was so sleepy and lazy that clouldn't write. I got my Color Club Halo Hues few days back and I am in love with them. Formula is great holographic effect is perfect in 2 coats and cheaper that other holographic nail polishes, what else could i ask for. 

So, here i am with Angel Kiss
 in flash.. no sunlight these days :(
Angel Kiss is a sea green linear holo.. 
in natural light
 isn't it gorgeous.. 

I decided to put on some water decals which i got from Born Pretty Store some time back.

These decals are quick and easy and really are savior for those who love nail arts but scar to do one.
the last pic is taken in lightbox.. yeah i finally i set my light box.. although i need few camera and placement adjustment but i am sure that wil not be a big issue :)

These decals can be bought from here
price: $4.31- ~$4.73
Born Pretty Store ships international free.

Also, you can use code CPL91 at checkout to get additional 10% off to your basket.

Please do comment and tell me do you also  in love with holo  polishes.. 


Wednesday 14 November 2012

Blue Nails for Diabetes Awareness +Kawaii Nail Lacquer Blue Sky

Hi  Chics, 
Today is World Diabetes Day and i decided to do a blue manicure to support all the people suffering from it and spread some more awareness. 

base: beauty uk blue shimmer topped with 2 coats of Kawaii Nail Lacquer Blue Sky
ring finger: 2 coats of C Varnish Dizzy B*tch( UK's very own indie brand )
blue glequins from Born Pretty Store (reviewed here)
topped with poshe.

Blue Sky is a light blue crelly having small teal and medium blue hex glitters with large blue shards. Polish itself can be applied without no base.

Finally, i am on my own natural nails now though the middle nail is not in its perfect shape but i like i wanted to remove the false tips anyway.. :) Heena hasn't been faded all the way but its quite pale now.. 

So, girls paint your nails blue today and support the cause.


Monday 12 November 2012

NOTD: Bling-y Festive Halfmoon + Born Pretty Store Glequins Review

Ahhhh...Monday Mornings.. but i am sure friends in India must be enjoying this Monday as many of you may be on holidays :)... For those who doesn't have a clue what i am talking about, tomorrow that is Tuesday 13th, we are celebrating one of the biggest festival of Hindu community "Diwali" or "Deepavali". For me Diwali is lightening clay lamps, fireworks, sweets, fun n celebrations with family, new clothes, shopping,  cleaning the whole house,meeting friends and relatives the next day and i cant tell you how badly i am  missing it when I am so so far away :(

Anyway, I will celebrate it here :)

Coming to the post, I got this set of glequins from BornPretty Store sometime back. They look so beautiful and perfect for a festive mani so i decided to do a bling-y nails using them(you can see my previous festive manicure here).

 Again, girls please excuse my heena.
 Zoya Valerie, its a very beautiful purple base polish and i am so sad that i couldnt catch the true shade of it :(

This glequins are so pretty and has become one of my favorite nail decoration I am definately gonna do more manis with these. 

This set contains 12 different colors. You can buy it from here.
You can also use code CPL91 to get 10% discount on your purchase. Shipping is free worldwide.

Happy Diwali to you All!!!!



Thursday 8 November 2012

NOTD: Weather Forecast Nails

 Hi Chicas,
Fall/Winters knocked the doors and its time to take out all boots and coats out of the cupboard :)..
Sun is being so lazy these days and its all cloudy and rainy out, so I decided to do a  rainy weather forecast manicure.
base: Barry m Blueberry ice-cream
stamping polish: Moyou Black
stamping plate: Snowwhite-Weather Forecast plate

I bought this plate from Nailways few time back and i like the inspiration of this plate. 
 Please excuse my fingers , you know i applied heena few days back and finally its fading hence this pale color around my nails.

 one more thing in my previous post i told you that i applied falsies however after 3-4 days i get bored so i removed them but then my broken nail hasn't been grown enough so i again applied falsies, this time on tips only.

Here's the shot of image plate:

You can buy this plate here.
Hope you like this manicure.. please do comment and please excuse the heena... now it definitely making it  look messy :( 


Monday 5 November 2012

NOTD: Festive Nails

October-November are two of  my favorite months in whole year mostly because climate changing and month long festivity and togetherness. In India we have several festivals in these 2 months and thus lots of shopping, food and fun :)

Last Friday we celebrated "Karwa Chauth", it's a festival celebrated by Hindu women mostly in north and west India in which they fast(not even drink water) from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husbands. In some regions even unmarried girls also fasts for their fiances or desired husbands. 

Now a days some loving husbands also fasts for their wives like mine :blush:
There is so much more to know about this festival please check here :)

Coming to the mani, this is the first time i applied fake nails as u know one of my nail broke and also i wanted my hand to look beautiful with heena tattoo. Here's my mani:

This is not a perfect application ... i started with pinky; pinky and ring finger nails aren't perfectly shaped from base but then i guess middle and index finger nails are rightly shaped and applied... isn't it??
 base: tip top chic nails cherry's in the snow,
layered one coat of kleancolor chunky holo fuchsia
stamping color: barry m golden foil
stamping  plate: NC02
topped with poshe

 I hope you girls like it... and please suggest tip and tricks for falsies. 


Thursday 1 November 2012

New Image Plates Alert: Cheeky launched 2 new sets

This time of year my bank account  is really crying like a hungry baby :D :D
Cheeky launched 2 new sets on their sister brand "Gals Cosmetics".
These plates named GA and are of  as same quality as cheeky plates.

*** these plates are going to be released soon***

Gals "Princess Set"- Stamping Set of Nail Art Plates With 25 Manicure Stamping Polish Nail Plates By Gals

"This wonderful set contains unique and genuine designs straight from the drawing table of “Gals” designers. It offers many full nail designs and gives a bit of everything to enable you a wide range of choices when designing your nails. A fun set to play with."
price: $12.99
ships worldwide
available here.

Gals "Fairy Set"- Stamping Set of Nail Art Plates With 25 Manicure Stamping Polish Nail Plates By Gals

"Our jewel for nail design. This innovative set contains unique, young, fun and eye-catching nail art designs. Just look at the variety you have there and you will be restless until you will have it in your hands. Our design team invested days and nights to create for you this precious set, it’s only left to enjoy it. "
 price: $15.99
 ships worldwide
available here.
 Image courtesy: Gals Cosmetics. 

Which one you like more, or you gonna be a bad girl and get them both :D




NOTD: Colorful Balloons Nails + Moyou 55

Hi Chics, 
Funniest thing happened when i did today's mani.. I had to show you some Moyou stamping polishes so i decided to do a mani using their stamping  polishes and  image plate 55, but when i completed the mani i realized that i used other stamping polishes instead of those i intended to show :D :D. 

Anyway, outcome however is pretty :D.
yeah one of my nail broke very badly :((  
since the time i got this plate i wanted to do colorful balloons manicure and when my nail broke i decided to do something which cheers me up.

 base: barry m white,very  lightly sponged with strawberry ice-cream,
stamping plate: Moyou image plate 55
stamping polishes: barry m satsuma gelly(orange), black berry gelly(purple), konad red, yellow, born pretty blue, beauty uk lollipop(pink) and beauty uk gobstopper(light blue). 

This can be a colorful birthday nail art too.

Moyou plates are one of my favorites.They are going  to release more plates by end of november. 
They are also organizing a course for all those that want to get better with MoYou on Sunday 11th. This is free of charge, you will only need to bring your set. 

 i did a review of the brand here
sadly you cannot order directly from their website, but you can contact them on Facebook for your orders.

Hopefully i will show you their stamping polishes soon. :D