Sunday 16 April 2023

Orly Hopeless Romantic Collection : Swatches & Review



This post is going to be a long one as I have lots of swatches to share with you all. Orly launched their "Hopeless Romanticcollection for spring 2023. The collection has 6 full size(18ml) nail polishes. 

To me this collection looked like having a bit of everything some shimmer, some duochromatic, some pearly and couple of cream finishes. Let's have a quick look(click on "read more" button to see detailed swatches):

Orly Hopeless Romantic Collection
Orly Hopeless Romantic Collection

Saturday 8 April 2023

Pastel Gradient & Wildflower Collab


The big change I noticed after coming back to nail blogging is "Nailart Collaborations" and I am all for it. I think collabs are such a great way to explorer and try new things, to challenge yourself at the same time connect to fellow nail art lovers. I found couple of monthly collabs which i find interesting and today I am sharing a mani i created for my first collab participation. 

The name of this collab is "Gradients and Silhouettes" and the theme for this month was Pastel Gradient and Wildflowers Silhouettes. 

Thursday 6 April 2023

Pink Gellac Pastel Wonder Rubber Base Cover


Today I have swatches of new rubber base cover shades from Pink Gellac. This collection is called Pastel Wonder and as the name suggests this collection has pastel shades. Pink Gellac rubber base cover is a 2-in 1 formula, it's a base coat with color so you can wear it on its own. Pink Gellac has launched couple of rubber base cover shades previously( i have posted swatches on my instagram).  Click on read more to see the swatches.