Sunday 16 April 2023

Orly Hopeless Romantic Collection : Swatches & Review



This post is going to be a long one as I have lots of swatches to share with you all. Orly launched their "Hopeless Romanticcollection for spring 2023. The collection has 6 full size(18ml) nail polishes. 

To me this collection looked like having a bit of everything some shimmer, some duochromatic, some pearly and couple of cream finishes. Let's have a quick look(click on "read more" button to see detailed swatches):

Orly Hopeless Romantic Collection
Orly Hopeless Romantic Collection
First we have Written In The Stars, which is a shimmer formula. This polish is packed with icy blue shimmer in a clear base. This color was a surprise for me because usually I don't like cold shades like this but i feel that it looked beautiful on my nails. The color itself reminded me of the movie Frozen, its so similar to Elsa's iconic blue gown. 

It took 3 thin coats for full opacity. I topped it up with Orly Wont Chip Topcoat

orly written in the star nail polish
orly written in the stars polish swatch

Serendipity is a gorgeous shimmery duochrom polish, again packed with shimmer particles. The shimmer is royal blue and at angles the teal and magenta peaks through. The duo chrom effect is pretty visible is shade but not so much under direct light. 

This one also requires three thin coat for being fully opaque on nails.
orly serendipity nail polish
orly serendipity polish - under shade swatch

The last polish with interesting finishes is Opposites Attract. It is a pearly purple shade with royal blue shimmer. The shimmer is so beautiful that it almost look like a duochrome polish. 

I applied 3 thin coats for the swatches below. 
orly opposites attract nail polish

orly opposites attract swatch

Moving on the cream shades. Orly is know for their amazing cream formula and many of orly cream polishes are one coater. 

The first cream polish is Check Yes or No. It is a pinky purple shade, so beautiful, so vivid. I applied 2 coats of this topped with top coat.
orly check yes or no nail polish

orly check yes or no swatch

Meet Cute is a peachy pink cream shade. It is a very fresh and spring-y shade.  
This requires 2 coats to be opaque.
orly meet cute nail polish
orly meet cute polish swatch

Finally we have Oh Darling that fall into the "orly one coater cream polish" category which I was talking about earlier. It's a very vivid cherry tone red color. I could easily get away with one coat of this shade but I am a creature of habit so applied two coats for the swatches. 
orly oh darling nail polish

orly oh darling swatch

And we are finally at the end of this post well almost at the end. 
Overall I quite like this collection, the shade range is right up my alley, though the shimmer runs thin in formula(which I think is a good thing because than you can apply them as thinly as you wish) but surprisingly they build up in three thin coats and the creams are gorgeous. 

Orly Hopeless Romantic collection is a limited edition collection, so if you like anything you buy it before it goes out of stock. 

You can buy this collection online in Benelux and other European countries at Bransus Cosmetics. I am going to share live swatches soon on my instagram acoount

Hopefully this post will help you in making your decision. 

Happy Shopping.