Wednesday 12 November 2014



I love Barry M Gelly collection, these polishes are super opaque, very shiny and many of them stamps very well. I bought a lots of them when i was in UK. Every season they add new shades to the collection and continuing it, they released fall gelly polishes. I am lucky to got these beauties(see Instagram) as they are tough to get here in Australia(wish they start shipping here). Today, I  am sharing a nail art I did with barry m Chai. 
moyou hipster collection 05 stamping plate
 I used image from Moyou Hipster 05 stamping plate. Added a white line with acrylic color.

Barry M Chai is absolutely a gem, requires only one coat and I am sure it will stamp well too.
barry m chai
plaid stamping nail art
plaid nail art
I normally change my mani at-leaset four times a week and there are very few nail arts that i like to have on my nails for more than two days and this one is so simple yet i dont know why but I loved it very much and didnt want to take it off. 

Hope you like it as well.

Have a great day.