Sunday 29 April 2012

swatch n NOTD: Kleancolor Twinkly Love + Orly Green with Envy

Hello Gals,
hope u all enjoying ur weekend.. me started swatching my new polishes from latest haul :))... so here's me with Twinkly Love which i applied on Orly miniature Green with Envy ..  Green with Envy is 2 coat cream smwhere between teal n green.. nd i am recommending this polish to everyone as this is such a beautiful color. i havnt painted my toes with this yet bt m sure it will brighten thm up too...the only problem i found in this is its brush size which is very small for my nails...  i wish if v have full size Orly polishes here in India...
(plz plz excuse me for such bad picturization bt i cldnt capture the right color.. itz looking more bluish in this pic bt believe its nowhere near this color.. its on teal green side)
i  did a little sponging work on this with Beauty UK's Jade nd thn applied Kleancolor Twinkly Love on it..Twinkly Love is a clear gel with tiny silver, pink and blue hearts... i so luved this <3 <3 <3
 this is with single coat of twinkly love

(with 2 coats)
it needs at-least 45 min of complete drying time as the 2 coats application make the whole base after tht u are good to go

my hubby is all flattened on this nd hope u all like this too..