Friday 22 August 2014

Stamping Test of El Corazon Active Bio-Gel Prisma Collection


In my last post I shared swatches of El Corazon Prisma polishes(see post). These polishes are very opaque and most of them need only one coat. So, I tested if they stamp or not and here are the results:
stamping with el corazon prisma polishes
el corazon prisma polish collcetion
Not only they stamp very well but also they stamp great on dark base like black. I stamp same image on nails too.
el corazon prisma polish stamping
stamping polish(thumb to pinky):  423/27, 423/22, 423/26, 423/28, 423/29
stamping plate: moyou pro xl 20
topped with seche vite
base: w7 black

el corazon
moyou pro xl 20 stamping plate
holographic stamping polish
Overall, I like how well these polishes stamp and I hope you agree with me. 

Have a great weekend.