Monday 23 May 2016

CICI & SISI Acrylic Stamping Plate "Wedding Season" + El Corazon Magic Golden Fleece


I have been mia last week here. I did manicures but i couldn't post them. One of the reason is that i am still figuring out best time to publish the posts. Anyway, today i have a very cool stamping plate review. This is "Wedding Season" Stamping plate from CICI & SISI and this plate is cool because it is made of transparent acrylic material instead of traditional steel plates. Now on the website there are two smaller size square plates in this collection named Wedding Season 1 and Wedding Season 2. I have this one big plate because it is sample plate which is sent to bloggers/vloggers. Here's take a look:
cici & sisi wedding season acrylic stamping plate review
The plate has a mix of full nail and small individual stamping images. The size of full nail length image is 2cm*1.6cm, which i think is pretty descent size. 

The plate is very sturdy and doesn't break or bend in events like falling off the table or from your hand(i can say that because it did fell on the wooden floor while i was opening it). Second thing i worried about was, what will happen when i apply nail polish remover to it, will it make the material look cloudy and i was relieved to see that using nail polish remover, doesn't ruin it. I used acetone free nail polish remover(which i use daily for all my nail arts). I wouldnt suggest pure acetone because i dont have it and i wont say that it will work well if i havnt tested with it.

Etching on the plate is nice and details picked up nicely. I used couple of different stampers and stamping polishes, regular polish to check how the stamping works and it works well. I posted a video on instagram to show the results. For better quality video click HERE

The square plate sells for $5.99 each. You can buy it HERE.

Now on to the nail art i did with it. For the base of this manicure i used El Corazon Magic Golden Fleece No. 423/574 from their Magic Shine Active Bio-Gel collection. This polish is so full of bling and sparkles. It has golden tinted base with loads and loads of golden micro shimmer to it. The polish formula is little thin and requires 3-4 coats depending on your nail length. Because of the thin layers, the overall application doesnt look bulky on nails. It can also be sponged over one layer to get maximum shimmer in less number of layers. In the video below i did apply it traditionally but on the other fingers i sponged it over one coat. 
El corazon magic shine active bio gel Magic golden fleece
 Here's the manicure:
snail viinyls moroccan nail stencil 
For the accent nail i used Moroccan Nail Stencil from Snail Vinyls, base is Essence black is black nail polish. 
Stamping image on the other nails is from CICI & SISI Wedding Season 1
For all my manicures, i use UNT peel off base and Glisten&Glow HK girl top coat(unless mentioned). 

Here's the closeup of accent nail:
moroccan inspired nail art
Checkout the video tutorial for this nail art :

el corazon magic golden fleece no 423/574 nail polish
You can buy El Corazon Magic Golden Fleece on their website. El Corazon ships worldwide. 

That's all for this post. I hope you like the manicure and I really wanna know what you feel about this stamping plate. Do checkout my instagram because i am more active in posts there. My instagram handle is @crazypolishes1

Have a great day.