Tuesday 9 August 2016

Swatches: Kinetics Nail Systems "Rio Rio" Shield Nail Polish Collection


Today's post gonna be a long one. I have already posted these swatches on my Instagram account and i delayed posting them here only to find out about how long they stay well on the nails. So, the polishes i am here talking about are Rio Rio Shield Gel Polishes from Kinetics Nail Systems. 

Kinetics Nail Systems was founded in USA but later moved to Europe and operating from Europe since then. They have a vast collection of nail polishes. Rio Rio collection was released for summer 2016. This collection has 12 nail polishes and comes both in Solar Gel(no need of uv/led curing) and Shield(needs uv/led lamp to cure)gel formula. Shades in both formula are exactly same, only difference is that Solar Gel shades have name whereas corresponding Shield polishes have numbers. I have Rio Rio Shield collection swatches. I used Shield Gel polish base and Shield Gel polish Glossy Top for the swatches.
kinetics nail systems shield gel polish rio rio collection 
Formula overall is nice and like other gel polishes need a good shake before use. I applied three coats of polishes for all the swatches, they apply beautifully, though i would be thrilled if i could work with two coats only but i apply gel very thinly. Lets checkout the swatches now:

#329 is a peach shade. 

#330 is a neon orange shade.

#331 is a orange-red shade.

#332 is a light pink shade.

#333 is a medium pink shade.

#334 is a mauve pink shade.

#335 is a bright red shade.

#336 is a beautiful berry shade.

#337 is a pretty sky blue polish.

#338 is a deep bright blue shade.

#339 is a grass green shade.

Lastly, #340 is a bottle green shade.
I applied only two coats of this hence the patches. 

I have also done two nail arts with the polishes. 

You can checkout Kinetics Nail Systems Website to see all the products and their distributor. 
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