Wednesday 27 July 2016

Dual Stamping with Ejiubas Stamping


Today's post is a short one. I have done double stamping manicures previously but i never tried something like today's manicure before. This manicure has same pattern stamped with different stamping colours on a base. The difference is the second stamped image overlaps the first stamped image to give it overall dual tone or shadow effect. 
double stamping 
Products used:
Base- Dance Legend Sulley
Stamping Plate- Ejiubas EJB-01
Stamping polishes- NYC Aqua Mystic, Enchanting Fire
Original Clear Jelly Stamper 
Glisten n Glow HK girl top coat 

ejiubas stamping ejb-01
macro shot
macro shot
dance legend sulley nail art
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Hope you like this nail art. 

Have a great day.