Thursday 14 July 2016

Review: Ejiubas Stamping Plate and NOTD

Hello everyone, 

Today's post has a unique stamping plate from a newer brand Ejiubas. Ejiubas is an online store which sells nail art, beauty and fashion products. The store was founded in 2013. I saw their stamping plates last year but because i was busy and was irregular in doing nail arts, i couldnt get hold of these beautiful plates. 

These plates are etched on both sides and that makes them unique. Currently there are 4 collection of stamping plates available on the website. Each collection has 2 stamping plates which are etched on both sides. I got the first set "wonders of life" to review. I also got their silicon nail mat along with the stamping plates. First lets look at the nail art i did using these products:
ejiubas stamping plate review
The dimension of the plate is 14cm x 8cm and all the plates have array of full nail images on one side and buffet style images on  the other. Full nail images measures 2cm x 1.6cms each. The plate comes with a blue protective sheet on both sides and both plates are put in a single cover. 

Silicon mat come transparent cover in a transparent bag with brand logo and name on it. 
ejiubas silicon mat
For the nail art i used:

Base: piCture pOlish Big Bang, Wanderlust(for filling decal)
Stamping plate: EJB1-02
Stamping polish: white konad special polish 
Ejiubas nail art mat 
china glaze fairy dust 
glisten n glow hk girl top coat 
picture polish big bang
picture polish big bang
ejiubas stamping plate
flower stamping decal nail art
These products are available on Amazon and Ejiubas website. Here are the link to check these stores out: (USA): (20% discount code:NM20CRAZ) (20% discount code:FP20CRAZ) (20% discount code:MJD20ASHL) (20% discount code:GB15EINS) (Europe) (20% discount code:DMM20MAT) (20% discount code:KAT20G01) (Worldwide):  

You can conect with Ejiubas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hope you like this nail art. 

Check my instagram to see the video tutorial. 

Have a great day.