Friday 17 June 2016

El Corazon Magic Shine Collection(partial) Review and Swatch


Today's post gonna be a long one with lots of photos because it is a swatch and review of beautiful polishes from El Corazon Magic Shine collection. This collection is one of the initial collections of El Corazon, the company added lots of new shades to the initial collection in year 2013. This collection has El Corazon Active Bio-gel formula. I have five polishes from this collection. Please keep reading to see all the swatches:
El Corazon Magic Shine Collection swatch
First of all the formula is awesome, it goes streak free, and most of the polishes are opaque in two coats. The lighter shades needs three thin coats. All of these have shimmer in them, few polishes has duo chrome shimmer. Also, for some reasons the swatches looks less shine-y as if i clicked the pictures in shade but the polishes are by no mean matte.  So lets see the individual swatches:

First one is No. 423/574 Magic Golden Fleece. It has lots of olive golden shimmer suspended in a clear gelly base. This polish takes three thin coats to opacity. I posted one manicure previously using this polish and you can see a video too in that post. i will link it here.
el corazon no. 423/574 magic golden fleece
Next is No 423/551 Magic Passion. Its a beautiful mexican pink polish with a golden fuchsia duo chrome shimmer. This shade also required three thin coats for coverage. The polish look bubblegum pink in my swatches but it is more deep pink the the swatches below.
el corazon no 423/551 magic passion
el corazon no 423/551 magic passion swatch
No. 423/555 Magic Evening Fantasy is another duo chrome-y shimmer polish. It has fuchsia golden dup chrome shimmer suspended in a brown tinted base. This one is more opaque then the above two and need two coats only. 
el corazon no. 423/555 magic evening fantasy 
el corazon no. 423/555 magic evening fantasy swatch
No. 423/554 Magic Attraction is a very beautiful and very bright purple with a duo chrome bright pink copper shimmer. very opaque and need two coats only. In the pictures below my nail are little shorter then other swatches because i swatched this one almost twelve days before the rest polishes.
el corazon no. 423/554 magic attraction
el corazon no. 423/554 magic attraction swatch
 Last one No. 423/580 Magic Of Arabian Nights looks very similar to Magic Attraction in the bottle and for a second i thought i got two bottles of same polish but when you apply it on nail, you can see the difference clearly.

Magic of Arabian Night is more deep purple like an eggplant purple then the above one. Shimmer in this is same as magic attraction.
el corazon no. 423/580 magic of arabian nights

el corazon no. 423/580 magic of arabian nights swatch
These last three shades are my favorite among the five i swatched in the post. I wonder why i took that long to get polishes from this collection because these are gorgeous and i love the shimmer in these polishes.

I did one chevron accent nail art with Magic Attraction. I used Essence "give me nude, baby" for the accent base for this manicure:

That's all for today's post.

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