Monday 27 June 2016

Feather Nails: Born Pretty Store Nail Foils Nail Art


I am very happy about today's manicure and how it turned out. Nail foils are hit or miss among nail artists. Foils are fun for those who do gel manicures and apply a gel top coat over foil for amazing bling. But for regular top coat users, foils are horror because they crinkle and lost their sparkle when topped with a regular top coat. Water based top coats are suitable for foils(also picture polish revolution) but i dont have any so i decided to top the foil with a gel top coat and it didn't mess the foil and that is why i am happy about this foil manicure.
multicolor feather nail foil nail art
 I got this set of 15 nail foils from Born Pretty Store for review. Though some of these i can see i wont use but some are really cool in this set.
born pretty store nail foils set
Each foil is 100cm long and 4cm wide and of very good quality. I really like the packaging of the foils because i have foils which i bought from other stores and they didnt come in any container and creates a mess whenever i take them out. 
feather nail art
Base is Kiko 479 Pearly Gold Sesame. 
gel top coat from star nails 
kiko nail polish
If you want to see, how i did this foil manicure then please check my Instagram(@crazypolishes1), i will upload the video tomorrow. 

This foil set retails for $13.55 but currently it on sale for $6.78 on Born Pretty Store Website

You can use "CPL91" to get 10% off your order(applies on full priced products only). 

Hope you like this manicure. Have u tried foils, which top coat you use over it ?

Have a great day.