Thursday 27 October 2016

Holographic Gel Nails- EZ Dip Nails Deluxe HOLO Pure Kit Review


Mirror powders and holo powders are all the rage these days and i personally love them. I always wanted gel nail with strong holo effect. I know there are holographic gel polishes available in the market but the effect isn't as awesome as regular holographic polish. Thanks to these new products, we can now have strong holo effect gel nails. I have reviewed two different holo powders previously and today's post have another gorgeous holographic powder. 

This is EZ Dip Nails "HOLO Pure" holographic powder. I got it in a deluxe kit which include gel base, gel top , one gel color, five swatch sticks and an applicator along-with a 2 gm jar of holo pure holographic powder. 
The kit comes with  instructions regarding how to use it but lets first see how the powder look over a purple gel base.

1. Prepare nails for gel application.
2. Apply gel base and cure for a minute.
3. Apply two coats of color gel and cure each coat for a minute.
4. Apply one coat of gel top and cure for 30 sec.
5. Apply powder using applicator and gently buff it in. dust off the excess.
6.Finally, apply one coat of gel top and cure for a minute.

I tried the powder on different color bases(blue and dark mauve) and this is how it looked:

The effect is gorgeous, though due to high amount of pigment the base color get light a bit. Here's a picture i taken in direct sunlight:

I have posted a video of  how to apply this on my YouTube Channel, do check it out. 

The kit costs $54.99(available here), the powder is also available individually in a 2gm jar(available here) and costs $30. 

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