Tuesday 2 February 2016

Fun Lacquer Cheers To The Holidays(H) Swatch and Review


Today, I have gorgeous swatches to share. Singaporean nail polish brand FUN Lacquer released Christmas 2015 collection in late october 2015. This collection has six polishes, three of them are multi-chrome and the other three are holographic versions of same shades. Name of shades in the collection are Cheers to the holidays, Desire, Frost, Cheers to the holidays(H), Desire(H) and Frost(H). I bought the holographic versions from the collection and today i am sharing swatches of Cheers To The Holidays(H).
FUN Christmas 2015 collection

Fun cheers to the holidays(h) review
Cheers To The Holidays(H) is a holographic multi-chrome nail polish. It shifts colors from red, orange, purple to blue. The polish doesnt need to be layered on a black base. It is opaque in 2-3 coats. I applied three thin coats. The polish dries semi textured cause of high volume of holographic pigments, that is why it requires good amount of top coat for a smooth finish. I applied two generous coats of hk girl top coat. Colour shift in the polish is amazing as well as the holographic glitters.

Removal of the polish is easy, doesnt required foil method, a simple cotton dipped in nail polish remover is sufficient. 
FUN cheers to the holidays(h)
fun cheers to the holidays(h)
fun lacquer cheers to the holidays(h) swatch
FUN lacquer cheers to the holiday(h)
Cheers to the holidays(h) costs $12.90. It is currently unavailable at FUN Lacquer website but it might be available at distributors stores. You can find the list of authorized distributors here.

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*i have fake nail tips on for this post because my real nails are recovering  from excess buffing. Maybe you know that I am certified nail technician now and during my course I had to practise on my own nails resulted thin nails due to buffing daily.