Sunday 18 September 2016

Review and Swatches: Ostar Nails Rainbow Carnival Kit(Holographic Powders)


Mirror powders and Holographic powders are so in boom these days. Every nail brand and suppliers are releasing new powder products every day. If you dont know, what i am talking about here, Mirror powders are a powder product which when applied on a gel polish base, gives a reflective chrome finish. Mirror powders avaibke currently are meant to work with gel polish only but many bloggers and testers found a way to make them work with regular polish though from the results i have seen, the powder works best with gel products only. Holographic powder, as the name suggests gives a holo finish. Today's post showing two different kind of holographic powders from the company calles Ostar Nails.
Ostar Nails Rainbow Carnival- Silver holographic powder
Ostar Nails Rainbow Carnival- Transparent holographic powder
Ostar Nails is a Taiwan based nail supply company. They sent me their new mirror, chameleon and holographic powder samples to review and test. Today's post as mentioned is about their Rainbow Carnival Kit. This kit includes 2 different holographic powders- Transparent and Siver, one silicon tool to apply the powder on to the nails and one mirror gel base. So lets see how the both powders works:

Rainbow Carnival- Silver is a silver base holographic powder. This powder is suggested to apply on a black base. This gives oil slick kind of holo effect with silver chrome mirror effect. This is THE MOST stunning holographic effect i have ever seen. 
Silver chrome holo nails
ostar nails
Before you start using this powder, you must have tools and accessories to do gel nails at home, that includes a UV or LED lamp. These instructions are for gel nails only. 

Steps to apply this powder:

1. Prepare your nails for gel application(shape nails, take care of cuticles)
2. Apply a gel nail primer.
3. Apply a layer of  normal gel base coat and cure in UV/LED lamp.
4. Apply black color gel polish and cure in in the lamp. Repeat this step to make the polish opaque enough. I used 2 coats of black gel polish.
5. Apply one layer of mirror gel base and cure it for 1 minute in the lamp.
6. Take a very small amount of powder on to the silicon tool and rub the tool on the nail with light pressure. The powder will start setting on the nail just after 2-3 strokes, keep moving the tool on to your nails so that the powder sets in each and every corner of the nails. 
7. Clean the excess powder with a fan or kabuki brush. 
8. Apply a layer of top coat and cure. You can repeat this step for extra protection to the powder. 

I have done a video tutorial showing how to use this powder, check it on my YouTube Channel HERE.

This looks super amazing in sunlight too.
holographic mirror nails
Rainbow Carnival- Transparent is more versatile powder in sense that it can be applied on any color base and make it a holographic. I applied this powder on to a blue gel polish and also on a pink and green gel polishes.

Application: This applies same as first powder except that it can be used on any gel polish base(unlike the black base in previous powder) and the best results can be achieved if you apply it with finger tip and not with the silicon tool provided.  I tried using the silicon applicator as well as eye shadow applicator, they both didnt work as easy as the finger tip.

I did a separate video for this powder too. Check it HERE on my YouTube Channel.
Ostar Nails Rainbow Carnival- Transparent holographic powder
ostar rainbow carnival
Here's how the powder looks on a pink and a green gel color base.

Ostar Rainbow Carnival Kit sells for $50 + $11(standard international shipping). Their website is under maintinance currently so you can order HERE. You can connect with Ostar Nails on their:

Hope you like these powders as much as i do. These are really amazing, i wish i could have them before my trip to greece in last june. They would look totally awesome on the beach. 

Please leave a comment if you have any questions regarding these powders and do check out the videos.

Have a great day.