Tuesday 1 May 2012

3D Acrylic NailArt- first take

Hello Beautiful gals,
you must be all aware of acrylic nail art and nail extensions... 3D nail arts a new whole world to me with lots of possibilities.. its new for me too and i am quite excited about it... i recently got my first acrylic glitter powder kit  from ebay and acrylic liquid from nailsandbeauty .. as soon as i received the liquid bottle. .i cant stop myself to trying it... so here are the pics of my first 3D creations... i ll write a full post about it later..
on the left most nail i tried to create a rose and a petal, in the middle a blue flower and the right a heart <3 <3..  i hvnt received the brush set yet so used a normal no 2 brush... 
though thy havnt cm out perfect bt i guess nt tht bad either for the first time try...

hv u also tried 3D acrylic nail art...plz shar ur views..