Saturday 26 May 2012

Copy Cat: Lets Share Nail Art Challenge- Day 5

Hola Gals,
I was away from my blog for d whole week .. nd i missed all of u and my cute lil blog a lot :( ... i had the most terrible week of lifetime  with lots of confusions, discussions....  bt finally everything is looking gud now....  I really want to do a post and share abt wht i faced...  nyway coming to happy track...  u all knw i was participating in Puja's Nail Art Challenge..  the fifth day was on 20th May and the theme is COPY CAT.. in which we have to copy a nail art and recreate it .. I told her abt my busy schedule and she was kind enough to extend my timeline by today...  So, here I am with the challenge, today's theme is copy cat... here's my inspiration :
i didnt have much time for doing this, so I come up with this:

i somewhat messed the design but still i luv the color combi and its outcome...  and thnx Puja for the challenge .. it was lota fun.. looking forward for more in future :)