Thursday 10 May 2012

Hippo Nails: Lets Share Nail Art Challenge- Day 2

Hello Angels,
today is the second day of CuteNailStudio Lets Share Nail Art Challenge and the theme is Animals... i was so out of inspiration for the theme and cldnt decide what to paint on my nails .. yes this time i painted my nails instead of nail wheel although my nail is broken and i shldnt show thtm like this but when i saw all other painted nails i feel pity for me :(...

so gals plz bear with me... ok coming to the subject i was saying tht i cldnt decide what to make tht suited the theme best and literally i was thinking from last 2 days..  in the noon i was having hippo chips and while opening the packet suddenly i thot why not paint a hippo... ding...  here's the inspiration
and here's what i painted...
for base i used Barry M's pure turquoise and Maybelline Colorama Black and a white nail art pen
 do u like it ??


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  1. Came here while searchinf for info on Hippo snacks. Do you have the backside image of that packet? Please comment back if you have it.