Tuesday 13 August 2013

NOTD: Textured Zig-Zag!!!

Hope you all  had nice weekend and a great start of this week. I am late by a day in posting this manicure. I did this manicure for AiS tweekly challenge and the theme was "stamp using two or more stamping polishes".. however i didn't share this manicure there as the two polishes i used is looking almost same in pictures.. color difference is quite visible in person but it doesn't show up in pictures. 

I did a zig-zag pattern on Jesse's Girl cosmetics limited edition JulieG frosted gum drops Hot Cinnamon. These polishes were in my lemming list from so long and sadly these are not available in UK so my friend send them to me from US.. I never swatched them on blog because there are already so many swatches all over the internet...but i will definitely show swatches when i do a manicure using them so here is Hot Cinnamon: please excuse my index finger nail.. i accidentally cracked it on the corner with  knife and i cant chop them further down to make them of same size.
JulieG frosted gum drop Hot Cinnamon
Hot Cinnamon is a cherry red texture polish with gold shimmer. This polish looks so beautiful both with and without top coat. I used 2 coats for the pictures:
JulieG frosted gum drop Hot Cinnamon
Jesse's girl JulieG frosted gum drop Hot Cinnamon
Here is the zig zag manicure i done on it:
julieG texture polish hot cinnamon without top coat
products used:

nail polish: JulieG hot cinnamon
stamping polish: nyc foil aqua mystic(blue foil) and magic earth(green foil)
stamping plate: cheeky jumbo plate 5 musical nails

As you can see both polishes look similar in picture but that is the fault of my camera.

I then applied top  coat on it and  hot cinnamon got all sparkled up. It looked so beautiful with top coat on.. so sparkly and gorgeous.
zig zag manicure
zig zag nail art using cheeky jumbo plate 5 musical nails
Here is a macro  shot of the polish:
JulieG Hot Cinnamon

So do you like it with top coat or without top coat??