Wednesday 7 August 2013



I thought to make it a quick post but then i saw my fingers typing the post and i couldn't stop myself from writing.... my left finger nails are not at their best these days... my index finger nail in broken from the corner and i can see a crack in my pinki no my nails are not weak but this happened while doing house chores :( .. so i chopped them all.. but on contrast my dominant hand nails are looking super prefect and well groomed.. i am hoping to show them in coming post if i could paint them properly..

Anyway i somehow managed to do a manicure with these nubbins. I did a glitter tips with stamping manicure. Have a look:

products i used:

nail polishes: w7 golden suede and kleancolor firework(glitter)
stamping plate: moyou kitty plate collection 01
stamping polish: konad special black
topped with seche

w7 golden suede

I then applied Essie Matte about you topper to give it a matte look
moyou kitty plate collection 01
glitter gradient manicure
kleancolor firework
This image plate can be directly order from Moyou's Website and they do ship to US.

I hope you like this manicure. 

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