Monday 19 August 2013

Franken Set from Mica Moma UK


I am late in posting today but i was out whole weekend and that's why couldn't schedule the post. 

Today's post is very exciting specially for UK girls. We all like indie polishes and some of us(like me) always wish to try their hands on making them but finding the supplies within UK is very tough and was almost impossible as suppliers here in UK doesn't sells the suspension base in smaller quantity. 

Luckily we now have Mica Moma here in UK. Mica moma is an onlise store who stock franken supplies like suspension base, mica pigment, glitters, steel balls, empty polish bottles and other franken supplies. Not only this they also stock supplies for lips and eyes products.

I wan sent a franken starter kit to test which reached me safely in two days. 
franken starter kit in uk
The kit has following products in it:

3 x 15ml nail polish bottles (containing Micamoma suspension base)
3 x 10ml empty nail polish bottles
1 x 0.5ml easy pour measuring spoon
1 x 0.05ml easy pour measuring spoon
1 x solvent resistant Funnel
10 x Large Steel Balls 6mm (solvent resistant)
5 x 5g High Quality Solvent resistant Glitter(i got 5gm bag of each silver holo, golden, burgundy, black,  copper hex)
5 x 5g High Quality Mica powder(i got iridescent green, azure, snow white, black magic and hot pink)

Obviously i was too excited to make my franken polishes that i didn't take photos when the parcel arrived hence missing two bottle of suspension base and steel balls.

It also comes with an instruction note where the step bt step  process of making your own polish is mentioned. 

I made six franken polishes(5-8ml) with two suspension base bottles. I  haven't give them a name yet but here they are:

I used five empty polish bottles which i already have. 
first one in top left is a polish is a mix of  iridescent green mica, suspension base, black hex and silver holo hex glitters..
Second is a simple mix  of burgundy, black and silver holo glitter top coat.
Third one is a crelly formula with black and burgundy glitters suspended in a pink gelly base.
Forth one is created using black mica and silver holo hex and a very little amount of golden hex.
Fifth is a mix of silver and golden glitters in suspension base i added little bit of clear polish to it. 
and lastly Sixth is a simple black crelly which has copper glitters. 

I made this polishes two days before and applied them today. Suspension base is great and the glitters didn't sunk to bottom. Mica is also  worked nice no setting in the base and applied beautifully. 

so which one you liked most..Any of these you want me to show on my nails. 

If you had this kit what kinda polish you would have created??

you can get this kit and check out other glitter and supplies on Mica Moma Website. You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter.