Wednesday 12 December 2012

Winter Holiday Challenge: Day 3- Festival of Lights

Happy Hanukkah!!!

Today's post is dedicated to all my Jewish followers. This  post is specially for you guyz. 

This is day 3 for the Winter Holiday Challenge and the theme is "Festival of Lights". 
For those who doesn't  know much about the Hanukkah like me, its a eight day long Jewish Holiday which is also know as Festival  of Lights. This year its been celebrating during December8 to December16th.

As, i said i dont know much about the festival so initially i thought to go with a Christmas light manicure but then wikipedia come to rescue and told me more about the festival and related elements.

Finally i created this:

 I prepared a yellow orange gradient base using acrylic colors.

On my index finger,I painted the Star of David which is the symbol of the Jewish faith and people(also called Shield of David). 

On my middle finger i made a Menorah which is typically speaking a nine-branched candelabrum lit during the eight-day holiday of Hanukkah. 

On my ring finger i draw a dreidel which is a four sided spinning top played during Hanukkah.Each side of the dreidel bears a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which together form the acronym "a great miracle happened there".

 And that's pretty much what all i understood and i hope i have not disappointed you. 

Please do check what other girls come up with and also do comment.



  1. This looks awesome! Great artwork.

  2. wow.. beautiful and so neat Dimpal.<3

  3. Very pretty....I never heard of this I did Christmas lights mani...but gud to know about new your gradient ...:)

    1. thnk u Puja... me 2 come to knw about it recently(thnx to Big bang theory :D)

  4. oooooh can I take that personally??? This is so pretty!!!
    And although I am completely secular, I do celebrate Hanukkah ;-)
    I love your gradient and detailing! Beautiful!!!

    1. aaww of-course its for u... thnk u and happy Hanukkah xx