Thursday 2 April 2015

Nail That Technique Challenge : March "Week 5"- Pond Manicure


This week’s Nail That Technique challenge theme is Pond Manicure. I haven’t posted last two nail arts I did for Nail That Technique challenge but I will try to post them later in month. Pond manicure basically is a technique which shows the depth of the manicure. You layer stamping or freehand designs between layers of jelly polish.  I havn’t done a tutorial for it but I will do one when I settle down a bit. Here is my manicure:
pond nail art
Products used:
El Corazon aquarelle tints blue
SA 02 stamping plate
Mdu stamping polishesdoi
Kiko micro glitters polish(don’t remember the number)
el corazon aquarelle tints nail polish 
For this manicure:
1.  Apply a coat of micro glitter polish and let it dry.
2.  Stamp flower with blue stamping polish and wait for a minute before next step.
3.  Apply a coat of jelly polish and let it dry.
4.  Stamp flowers with yellow stamping polish and wait for a minute
 (because I used a blue jelly polish, yellow flowers are looking green in pictures).
5.  Again apply one coat of jelly polish and wait till dry.
6.  Stamp flowers with pink color and wait for few seconds.
7.  Apply a coat of jelly polish and let dry.
8.  Stamp flowers with orange stamping polish and let it dry.
9.  Apply a quick dry top coat.

Because jelly polishes are thin in formula, they dries faster comparatively. So, the manicure actually doesn’t take as much time as one would think.
mundo de unas stamping polishes
Here’s a macro shot of the manicure.
pond manicure

I hope you like this nail art. 

Have you tried pond manicure? Please share your experience.

Have a nice day.



  1. The gorgeous pond ever . I loved it

  2. Love the vibrancy of this mania... we usually see those light colored jellies used in this kind of manicure. Love that it's something different.