Tuesday 7 April 2015

Neon Rainbow Water-Marble

Hello from India,
I have reached India and I am loving it here. I was lucky enough to grab a set of Pipe Dream Polish (PDP), A Night In Vegas Creme (ANIVC) during last restock.  If you have PDP ANIVC collection than its not possible that you don’t try water marbling. I did this manicure few days back using ANIVC collection.
pipe dream polish a night in vegas creme collection

Index-  High Roller (green) and V.I.P. Pass(purple)
Middle- On the List (pink) and Happy Hour (teal)
Ring- Light of Day (yellow) and All In (blue)
Pinky- 110 Degrees (coral) and V.I.P. Pass (purple)
I haven’t applied any top coat over it.
pipe dream polish water marble
pipe dream polish a night in vegas cremes
water marble nail art
neon water marble
I hope you like this water marble, I absolutely loved how it turned out.

Have a great day.