Wednesday 19 August 2015

This or That!!


Today's manicure is basically two versions of same accent manicure. Two versions(red version and purple version) because i couldnt decide which one of them are better to share. So, I am sharing both of them and leaving it upto you to decide. 

products used:

stay quirky satin effect The Other queen(purple suede nail polish), Steam bath(teal suede) and scarlet red(red glitter)
diamond nail vinyls
uberchic beauty UC3-02(purple version)
bundle monster BM-S104(from shangri-la collection) on red version
white stamping polish

Here is Red Glitter Version(which i did first)
stay quirky nail polishes
Though, I liked it at first but my hubby disagreed, so i had second thoughts and replaced the red nails with purple base. 

Here's the purple version:
uberchic beauty uc3-02
diamond nail stencil
bundle monster shangri-la stamping plate
oh and i completely forgot to mention that i used same red glitter polish on accent nails for diamond design. Because of the dark base, the red polish is looking maroon here. 

So, which version you like better?? Share your thoughts in comments below. 

Have a nice day.